November 27, 2012

Week in Photos

It's late blogging again! The weekend has been so busy for me that I didn't updated this blog for my week in photos and manicure Monday posts. The downside of being a blogger while you are an employee at the same time. And being in Marketing industry, you won't rely on the 8 hours per day work because this field is absolutely dynamic. You could work 24 hours a day if your work calls for it. But here it is! I finally find a time to do this, IN THE OFFICE! lol.

 My Monday merienda at the office: Sunshine Green Peas which I am curently addicted with and Chips Delight Rainbow Candy Cookies! Yay!

 Workee Coffee mode again..

 My new office buddies! Liquid containers that keeps me hydrated while at the office!

 Delicious chocolates from Ate Len! Thanks ate! ♥

 IRGP6 invites. The event last Sunday turns out great!

 Rice toppings. Thanks for this Chef Len! XD

Workee Coffee again and again and again.. The result of me freezing in the office..

This is me during the IRGP 6 last Sunday. What a tiring day but it's worth it. It's a part of my career by the way..

November 24, 2012

Beach Haul

Our Boracay Trip was booked far before the actual date so I've got the luxury of time to think of what are the things that I should bring with me. I don't have that sexy, beach-y body that you can boast on by displaying it on the seashore while tanning your skin under the heat of the sun so I opt for an old-fashion beach attires for this trip.

Sleeveless and see-through tops plus shorts are the most that I could do so please excuse my primitive-being. So today I will be sharing the new things that I got for and from my Boracay Trip.

I got 3 pair of shorts and I enjoyed wearing them at the beach. Not too revealing but still blending in the surrounding! I just realized that all this 3 are of blue hue. Baby blue, blue and navy blue. Plus I've got a skirt that is in hot blue color! Woah! Do I changed my most favorite color from violet to blue? :D

Beaches screams summer and summer screams bold colors so I got this hot pink see-through top! This is from Romwe. I got them for $19.99 and they are now out of stock so I cannot give the exact link of this item.

Here is the closer look for this top. It is actually a mesh top and I regret that I didn't had a chance to wear this on Bora. :(

This dress is from Ate Enei that she bought for all of us so we can have a matching maxi dresses for Boracay. Thank you so much ate Enei!  ♥

This hi-low skirt is also from Romwe. Click here for the link to the actual item. I got it for $23 and I know I got a good deal because I got it on sale! Yay!

Accessory souvenirs that I got. I planned it to be my pasalubong but decided to keep it for my own use. Haha.

I got this navy blue straw hat (blue hue again!) from a thrift shop for Php120 (about $3). It was a last minute decision since I got it a night before our morning flight. Impulsive buyer mode here you are again! lol. These sunnies are actually bought far before and it was a planned purchase. I have posted the haul here,

This purse is from ate Enei again! Thank you for being so generous with me ate! ♥
I just love that it has a matching color with my newly-bought necklace.

The last 2 photo are the accessories I got for myself. I got the black and white Capiz shell necklace for Php 120 and the wooden neon one for Php 50. They're so adorable! ♥

More outfit posts is awaiting to be posted here! ♥

November 23, 2012

OOTD: Sunday Stroll

If you could remember my Sunday Stroll post, this is what I wore that day. It is actually my first time to wear shorts at the mall. I am not used in wearing clothes that shows so much skin but I am loving my self for trying it out now. I am getting out of my comfort zone little by little!

I have also posted it on lookbook:

November 20, 2012

Boracay Trip: Adventures + OOTD

Our second day in Boracay was full of blast because it is when we do the things that we should do in this trip!

Before I start to tell the story, here is what I wore during that day. A simple, short and striped beach dress in  my favorite hue of course, blue violet! I paired it with my boyfriend's sister's Grendha sandals and my round sunnies! I tied my hair up because as what I've said in my last post, tied up hair looks better with this sunnies.

These are the views from our island hopping experience. I actually had a phobia in sea but this one is an exception because of its beauty.
The boatman led us to one of the island where we can eat. There is a small "paluto" house there and they are serving such fresh foods!

I so love the ombre look of the ocean from afar! So calming and peaceful!

We headed to Mount Luho while riding one of Boracay's famous attraction: All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)! 

Oh, I forgot that this one is not the ATV rather, they call it "Dune Buggies". And I'm so proud that I hyperly drove it back to the terminal! Thanks baby for guiding me!

And because I have experienced driving that DB, I also need to drive a bump car! I had so much fun acting like a little child again!

November 19, 2012

Mini Nail Polish Collection + Mini Haul

It's Manicure Monday! And I have broke my promise to post a new nail color/ nail art today. But I have not broke that promise at all. I actually changed my nail polish but got a bad quality image. That is why I don't like to post it here at all. Also, Manicure Monday isn't just about nails but nail talk in general. And today's post is directly related in nail talk because it's most about nail polishes!

 If you have read this post, you will know why these brands are my choice of brands. Why not? These 3 brands are the cheapest in the market today! I am not yet on the stage of considering to try other brands that are far cozy than these 3. Simply because my pocket can't afford it yet. Time will come. I know. :D

 I originally had 7 bottles of Oh My Golly nail colors but 2 of them are borrowed by my sister so they are absent in this mini haul. I really love that this brand has a great nail polish consistency. Each bottle costs Php18.00 or approximately $0.5 for 10ml. I am definitely recommending it!

No wonder why Klik nail polish is inexpensive because it is by Oh My Golly. Klik costs Php13.50 or $0.4 per 7ml bottle. It is like another group of variants and colors far different from OMG. Whenever I am going to nail polishes corner, I am dreaming of having each bottle in my collection! A colorful daydream of mine! 

 I accidentally discover that Careline brand is inexpensive too when I gone to a Mercury Drugstore one day. They originally costs Php14.00 or approximately $0.4 for this little bottle. But I got all these 4 bottles for only Php10.00 each! Yes, Php10.00 each because I got them on sale! I am really a sucker for cheap but quality items!

 Going on to the mini haul, these two bottles of Careline classic nail polishes are new in my little collection. I got them when we bought medicine for my sick boyfriend. At first, I don't have an intention to buy them but my eyes saw that they are on sale, I immediately grab 2 bottles and run to the counter. They don't have labels on what color are they but you can clearly see it here that I got a pink and red ones. 

 These sunnies are bought for my Boracay Trip. Since I will just be the one that didn't own a signature brand of sunnies, I opt or the cutest but cheapest one that I saw and it's worth! And I don't mind if they don't look good at me.

 I am so obsess with this pixel shades! They are like nerd glasses with a twist! I have seen various of them over the internet and the are all expensive. I got mine at a bazaar for only Php50.00 or approximately $1.2!

Round sunnies are always seen in the fashion scene today. The first time I saw them makes me want to have one! But 1 isn't enough so I got 2 in different tint! I got disappointed when I tried them on and saw that they don't look good to me. But I discover a trick on how to make them look good on my face during my Boracay trip: tie my hair up!

This is my silly face wearing these 3 glasses while waiting for the van to be full on our way to Kalibo boat port.

And this me with my boyfriend Erickson. I am wearing that round sunnies with my hair tied up. Looks better right? Now I know that trick! Yehey!
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November 18, 2012

Week in Photos

It's the last day of the week again! This week has been colorful evidenced by a lot of pictures here.

 Got these shoes from! It is for me and my boyfriend! And they are so adorable! Thank you Wholesale Dress!

 This week seems to be a "diet week"  for me. I didn't mean to do any diet since I admit that I am lacking in self discipline, but I don't know. I have changed an appetite this week. I am eating bread for lunch almost everyday. These 2-pcs. Red Pudding and Good Luck Hopia has been my lunch on Monday.

 Eating Goya Cookies and Cream chocolate while watching Be Careful with my Heart with my boyfriend and his sister Allison. Yum!

 My Tuesday night's dinner. Diet peg right?

Wednesday lunch: Fortune Pan Bites cheese bread and Banana Cake Bar.

 My cutie, girly pen! I got it as a souvenir for my self on my Boracay Trip.

I have rode on this cool jeep last Thursday! It had a door on the driver's side! Just like a bus!

My first walk with this comfy pair from Kultura Pilipino! Have you notice? I got two new shoes! Yay! 

 #OOTD on Thursday. With my Kultura Pilipino comfy top-sider.

Fridate. We're not hungry I swear!  

 Got a Uniquely Singapore keychain from Ate LenLen. Thanks ate!  

 Accessories yesterday. This bag was also from They really have the cutest, cheapest and widest range of fashion pieces! I have posted a review of this here.

 Me at the office yesterday. Wearing violet dress and accessories plus pink nails! #OOTD #kikay

 Watched Breaking Dawn part 2 with my boyfriend and friends, Roel and Gera. Thank you so much for the bonding guys! Till next time!

 On our way home earlier. We're two happy people today for two main reasons: We are in love with each other and we had our dream career! Hello Marketing world!