August 31, 2012

DIY Cute Fox Purse

I have been dreaming to have this bag from Sorelle Online but find it too expensive in its P650 price (almost $16) so I refuse to buy it even though I am so obsessed into its cute animal face design. A few weeks after, I stumbled upon  a blog where I saw the exact design and to my surprise, it is a DIY project! I feel so numb not to imagine that that cute design can be done by yourself! That is when I admit to myself that my creative side have not yet gone that far! I am really awestruck by this and I will definitely  do one for myself instead of buying it!


Lay down your shoulder bag and remove the belt. Removed the hardware on one side. Because this is going to be a purse you only need one side.  Make a pattern for the face of your cute animal. You can do this by folding a piece of paper with the same width as your bag (or a little smaller like mine) and cut out the shape of one side of the head. Trace this with a pencil on your bag. Cut out.
Cut out a piece of lace curtain that is more than big enough for the piece of your purse directly below the piece you just cut out. Use the seam of the lace curtain at the top. Use something round as a guide to trace around to create the eyes. Cut the eyes out. You may also cut out a piece for the button if you have one.  Use fabric glue and put it on the bag where the lace curtain is coming. Only glue on the sides and around the button. Put glue on the lace around the eyes. Place the lace on your bag and let the glue dry. You don’t need more glue than this, this will keep everything in place. When the glue is dry you can cut the excess of the lace curtain. You also need to cut out two small circles out of the white fabric to finish the eyes. Glue those down as well.
Take the pieces of leather that you cut out of the bag. Draw a ear on one of them and cut it out. Now use that ear as a guide to cut the other one.  Make  two cuts in the size of the ears at the top of your bag. Put the ears trough the holes from the inside out leaving about 1/3 of an inch inside the bag. Glue this down. You also need to cut a little nose out of the scraps and glue that down.
Now you need to make the strap. You can use the old strap for this and cut it off at the desired length. I used the seem of my lace curtain to glue on one side of the strap to make it match my purse.  You can now sew around the hardware of the bag and through the holes of the strap to keep the strap in place.
 Aren't it the cutest purse? It will surely give a statement to a simple, everyday outfits!
All photos are from Credits goes to the creative owner.
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August 29, 2012

Canvas Shoes Revamp

When you head to your closet, you may see several pairs of shoes that you will find boring and need some life. Sneakers and canvas shoes can be the best to decorate because of its plain cotton body that will be great for painting, stitching, and sketching to show your artistry. There are numerous ways on restyling your plain shoes. Color it, paint it, sketch it, doodle it, stitch it, glitter it, stud it, whatever you want! And here is one example of revamping a plain pair to make it more interesting:


1. Simple canvas shoes, 2. Fabric paint, 3. A paint brush 4. A thimble

Remove laces and dip the open part of a thimble into your paint and use it to stamp the surface of your shoe. Cover the fabric portion completely with circles. Use a paint brush to touch up any spots where the stamp impression isn't complete. This usually happens on the seams. 

Allow your shoes to dry completely before putting the laces in and enjoy your newly-styled shoes!
All photos are not mine. They are from Credits goes to them. 
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August 26, 2012

Shoe Revamp

I saw this shoes of mine again just yesterday. It need some love to be able to wear it again so I decided to revamp it because I also need a blue footwear for my blue and green combo outfit. It was once left on the floor and bitten  by our dog. Its ribbon was detached and I don't know where is it now. I decided to replace the bow with the one that I made out from some remnants of cloth. If you want to see the tutorial on how I made these bows, just click here


A shoe that needs some love
Bows, I made mine from remnants of clothes. Click here for the tutorial
Thread and needle
Detach the remaining shoe decoration and replace it with a new one. Sew the bow into the shoes. Just do the over-and-under motion. Seal the side with a single stitch. And tada! Your shoes have been revamped now!

I hope that I have inspired you with this post. Show some love with your clothes and shoes to make a more amazing fashion statement! I love to revamp things because they can be different from the one you  bought. A thought of having a thing that can easily be transformed into another one by showing some love and spending some of your time.

For bow tutorial, just click here.


August 24, 2012

Flat and Platform Shoes

Flat and platform shoes can be the best to wear when your foot seeks some comfort. Many opt for high and killer heels because it just give some edginess and class in your outfit. A simple shirt and jeans can look sophisticated when paired with high-heeled shoes than with flats or platform. High heels also tend to give the aesthetic illusion of longer, more slender legs that most or every woman want to achieve. But we should save  always save our soles from aching specially if we will have a long hours of walking or standing on that day. That is where we decide to wear flats or platforms. It may give a different vibe to the same outfit you've worn with high-heeled shoes in a more casual way. It makes you going all day without having an aching legs or foot. Here are some simple yet classy example of those!


DIY Woven Friendship Bracelets

Easy and adorable DIY from one of my favorite beauty guru in youtube, Evelina Barry! ♥


August 16, 2012

Animal Flats!

When I first saw the mouse flats from Marc Jacobs, I fall in love with it! It was such a dream shoe for me. It has given a twist in wearing flats because of the cute face in your shoes; you don’t need that high heels and wedges to have a head turning foot ware! I have searched for it because I know it would be an interesting topic here and I won't definitely miss the chance to blog about its cuteness! My research brought to me that mouse flats isn’t the only animal designed flats available in the market today. There are many more such as cat, bunny, tiger and even mickey mouse! How I wish I have them in my closet!

There are also DIY tutorials for these cuties! Just search them out! ♥
All photos are not mine. Credits to the respective owners.


August 15, 2012

Fashion Revamp: Chic Summer Top!

I am always in love in refashioning clothes and other things. Refashioning or revamping just have many good benefits especially for us girls. First, it is a way of thriftiness. You can have a piece of cloth or thing you want by just giving some more love in your old ones. You don't have to buy one anymore! Another is you can squeeze your creative juices by doing so. That and many more are the advantages of refashioning or revamping. Just show some love and give some of your time to it! And to start, here is another (I have posted before the DIY Summer Flip Flop Tutorial) post for a creative wardrobe inspiration! Turn your ordinary sando into a chic summer top!

And I found a photo of the finish product when worn:

All photos are not mine. Credits to the respective owners.


August 13, 2012

Fashion Revamp: Glam up your Flip Flop!

What is your go-to footwear for summer? For many, flip flops are the quintessential accessory for this season. It is because they are fun, easy to wear, and affordable to buy. If you love the idea of wearing flip flops this summer and want to stand out from others, then glam it up! Do you own some plain, boring flip flops? Revamp them up by adding some ribbons and beads! This is so easy to do!


1 Pair of flip-flops, 1 Spool ½ inch ribbon, Lots of beads in assorted sizes, Tiny seashells, Hot glue gun, Needle and thread


Place a small amount of hot glue on the outside of the flip flop strap at the base and attach the end of your ribbon.
Continue wrapping your ribbon around the straps on your flip-flops until they are completely covered. Add small amounts of hot glue to hold your ribbon as you go and secure the end when you are finished with hot glue as well.
Take your ribbon again and wrap it around and back and forth across the center “V” of your flip-flops to fill in.
Be careful not to make your “V” to high or if you really do want it to go higher, make sure you wrap it loosely otherwise it will be difficult to get your foot into.
Add your beads one at a time sewing them on, (I put a small drop of hot glue under all of the large and medium sized beads as well as the seashells before sewing them). I stitched through each bead 2 times before going on to the next bead.
So whether you’re just hanging out at home or on vacation at some exotic beach, you really need to elevate your foot wear with some beads and seashells. These beaded flip-flops bring to mind thoughts of Palm Beach, tans, and some serious relaxing. I don’t know about you but I am soooo ready for Summer.

All photos and procedures are not mine. They are from Credits goes to the creative owner. The original post can be found here.


August 9, 2012

Yellow Mustard Bag

I have forgotten to post about this charming Single Button Yellow Shoulder Bag that I got from It's been a month since I had it and I will just post it now. (Amnesia girl shoo away!) It is a mustard Yellow bag, featuring a fold over tab design with a coffee button on an elastic fastening details, a black cat head on left bottom, a long shoulder strap with connect with rings connect, a contrast monogrammed lining with an internal zip pocket. I love how its screaming bright color has been toned down by the neutral brown. Simply adorable! I know I had a good deal with my $36.99 for this because the faux leather material used seem to be high quality. It is available in colors red, black and yellow. You can find the exact product link below. 

For the product link, just click here.
If you are interested to have one, just click here to go directly to the site where I bought it.