February 24, 2015

Greenbelt Park

One of my 2015 goals is to do park hopping around the metro - and I want to do it this coming summer. I got to visit one a month ago and I really want to go back and spend another weekend doing nothing but to stare in the greens of nature while watching the fishes swimming in their little oasis. It was such an astonishing scenery to look at given that you are not seeing this on a daily basis. Yay. 

Greenbelt Park is located in and around the Greenbelt Mall in Makati City. It was literally a "belt of green" in the middle of different malls with pockets of Zen-like gardens and water fountains built around its complex.  

Top: Yellow | Pants: Crissa (similar to this) | Shoes & Bags: thrifted

After our park stroll, it's time for some ice cream! This part is the Ayala Triangle park which I failed to take photos of since I enjoyed my sweet dessert while talking random things with le boyfriend - we finished our mini "bonding moment" when the night is already approaching.

February 22, 2015

Shift to Shift

Lately, I've been living in a one-step dressing both for work and personal pursuit. I don't know, maybe one factor that affects my choice of dressing is the limited time to prepare myself in the morning - that is why I am opting for a no-brainer fashion in a form of dress. 

Dress: Plastic (Korean brand) thrifted | Bag: Gift from a relative | Sandals: Zalora (find the direct link here)
A-Line silhouette has always been my go-to choice since my tummy is usually not cooperating. But currently, I am obsessed with shift dresses because I find it more effective in hiding my insecurity - it's because of its columnar cut and no defined waistline I guess! I love how this silhouette is boxy and flattering when it skims the outline of the body. ♥

Dress details - I just love the ceramic print in blue and red on this denim dress! ♥
Bag details - I think this came from Thailand because of "boho" style and elephant prints!
Shift dress is an appropriate casual outfit if paired with simple flats - best for laid-back Sundays!

February 14, 2015

Nautical on Valentine

It's Valentine's Day today! I'm fortunate that it's my off at work now so I had a chance to come with my boyfriend to Graduate School where he is taking up his Master's Degree. Decided to wear something red that's appropriate color for this day and ends up having a nautical number. Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ 

Top: Natasha (old) | Skirt: John Briann | Sandals: SM Parisian (old)
 I really missed our Alma Mater! Crossing my fingers now in trying to enroll next semester! J