January 26, 2015

Ristorante Bigoli

Lately, it has been a habit with my dear colleagues to frequent in nearby mall's food court - we are often sharing thoughts and talks in a dinner table after work. I must say it is a great way to bond together and strengthen your personal relationship with one another apart from being just fellow workers. :)

The latest table that we have invaded is Ristorante Bigoli - an Italian fast food restaurant (at their Trinoma branch). Although, this post will not be a food review or what since we purposely ate there just to try something new and I must admit that it is worth a try! Ristorante Bigoli's ambiance is in the middle of classy and old-fashioned - mainly because of the lighting used inside the place.
I love how the walls and tables are adorned with brick and stones in earth hues - BUT what I really love about this place is they are serving unlimited garlic bread which are really good! \(^_^)/

Spaghetti Al Pesto with Pepperoni Pizza - P150.00
Spaghetti Al Pesto with Italian Chicken - P190.00
Spaghetti Marinara with Italian Chicken - P170.00
Glad that we visit on a weekday when there are just few people at the place and we had a whole lot of time for our endless conversations! We will definitely visit again to try another item on their menu! :)

You can visit Ristorante Bigoli's Facebook page here.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.

January 15, 2015

Red and Black

2nd post for this year! Yay! I am trying to hold on in my New Year’s resolution to regularly update this blog – at least once a week. Main blog post plans are outfit and nail diaries which are the easiest updates I can make while attending my day job. J 

It’s been a crazy week at work - there have been things discussed that bears both good and bad news and the only choice given to me is accept the change. So I will. After all, it has been my dictum on the past years of this career. Changes are often synonymous to challenge and I always say that I love challenges so I should not fear change. And if there is one color that describes my feelings on the past days, it will be red – just like what I am wearing in this post.

As a Filipino, red is often recognized as the color of bravery – as represented in the Philippine flag. And with the whirlwind of feelings I am experiencing now, red seems to be very appropriate to wear even everyday. J  I just love how this strong color blends with black, such a "classy" colors to wear together! ♥