June 25, 2012

Music Makes Me Smile and Pink Pastel Bows

New posts in lookbook are up! Hype anyone? Thanks!

Also, don't forget about my RIRE Giveaway!

Blow a Rainbow x Rire Giveaway (CLOSED)

So here is my first collaboration with a sponsor and I am so excited for this giveaway! RIRE will be giving away $30 gift certificate and it is open to everyone worldwide! 

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PS: This giveaway will end on July 9, 2012!

June 24, 2012

My Look Book Fashion

I have been active in lookbook right now so I am posting my looks here! Please be my fan guys! Thanks! 

Trend: Galaxy Fashion

All photos from https://svpply.com/etsy.com/products/only/apparel,female
Credits to the owner

June 23, 2012

Trend: Dip-Dyed Ombre Shorts

These dip dyed ombre shorts are just inspiring me! Wish I have time to have them because for me, it's better to do it yourself than to buy! I really love colorful things! You can tell it my blog's name and in my posts, and these really makes me feel heaven as they come in different colors and designs! O.o

June 16, 2012

Baby you were Fireworks

The  Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is at the SM Mall of Asia, the country’s top lifestyle mall by the scenic Manila Bay. 

This annual event will put on a never-before-seen spectacle of lights and colors where the night sky and sea meet as staged by the world’s leading pyrotechnic experts.

 This competition will is annually painting the Manila sky with brilliant bursts of vivid color, but will also be the venue to showcase the emerging artistry and evolving sophistication of Filipino fireworks technology. The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition will be imbued with the awesome fanfare and delightful displays of the world’s leading pyrotechnic events, but done with that distinct Filipino flourish that will surely bring together eager audiences from all over the region.

All photos courtesy of Philippine International PyroMusical Competition's Facebook page. Credits to the respective owner

June 14, 2012