April 19, 2014

Caronia Chasse

It's been a while since I last posted my current nail color here and I'm finally back because it is holiday again! Caronia Philippines recently launched its newest collection in collaboration with Ballet Philippines dubbed as "Art of Dance" collection which showcases 3 gorgeous hues.

One of those hues are called “Chasse” which is an electric blue that’s perfect for summer! The word Chasse means a dance step used in many dance variations. The other hues are called “Pique” and “Glissade” which are another dance terms and I am reserving those for another blog post since each color can stand on its own. J

Thanks again Caronia Philippines and congratulations for having such a gorgeous, flamboyant collection! ♥

April 17, 2014

Black-themed Wedding

I used to grew up in the practice of avoiding wearing black during a wedding (or at least any celebration) because of some Filipino traditions and beliefs. But at this modern time where technology is taking its rise in every home plus the factor of living in the metropolis, I think it was just about time to let go of some "minor" beliefs which sometimes became overrated.

Bag: Chicnova | Necklace: Bellast
And in the dynamic world of fashion nowadays, my take on black is all about class and elegance. And to use it in your wedding? It will be so unique! Just like this wedding I have attended 4 months ago (see how terrible blogger I am now? L) which is my boyfriend’s brother’s. It is a wedding that’s all about DIY and personal style which surely brings out the fun personality of both bride and groom with a touch of elegance because of their black and white theme.

Dress: Soiree
When I was informed about the dress code, I knew I didn’t need to buy a new dress because I decided to wear my LBD again (which I first wore here) and little did I know, it made me looked that I can pass as one of the entourage because I also have that ballerina-like tutu layer on my dress! What a coincidence! J

Congrats again Kuya Allan and Ate Enei! Good luck to your journey to forever! ♥