November 19, 2012

Mini Nail Polish Collection + Mini Haul

It's Manicure Monday! And I have broke my promise to post a new nail color/ nail art today. But I have not broke that promise at all. I actually changed my nail polish but got a bad quality image. That is why I don't like to post it here at all. Also, Manicure Monday isn't just about nails but nail talk in general. And today's post is directly related in nail talk because it's most about nail polishes!

 If you have read this post, you will know why these brands are my choice of brands. Why not? These 3 brands are the cheapest in the market today! I am not yet on the stage of considering to try other brands that are far cozy than these 3. Simply because my pocket can't afford it yet. Time will come. I know. :D

 I originally had 7 bottles of Oh My Golly nail colors but 2 of them are borrowed by my sister so they are absent in this mini haul. I really love that this brand has a great nail polish consistency. Each bottle costs Php18.00 or approximately $0.5 for 10ml. I am definitely recommending it!

No wonder why Klik nail polish is inexpensive because it is by Oh My Golly. Klik costs Php13.50 or $0.4 per 7ml bottle. It is like another group of variants and colors far different from OMG. Whenever I am going to nail polishes corner, I am dreaming of having each bottle in my collection! A colorful daydream of mine! 

 I accidentally discover that Careline brand is inexpensive too when I gone to a Mercury Drugstore one day. They originally costs Php14.00 or approximately $0.4 for this little bottle. But I got all these 4 bottles for only Php10.00 each! Yes, Php10.00 each because I got them on sale! I am really a sucker for cheap but quality items!

 Going on to the mini haul, these two bottles of Careline classic nail polishes are new in my little collection. I got them when we bought medicine for my sick boyfriend. At first, I don't have an intention to buy them but my eyes saw that they are on sale, I immediately grab 2 bottles and run to the counter. They don't have labels on what color are they but you can clearly see it here that I got a pink and red ones. 

 These sunnies are bought for my Boracay Trip. Since I will just be the one that didn't own a signature brand of sunnies, I opt or the cutest but cheapest one that I saw and it's worth! And I don't mind if they don't look good at me.

 I am so obsess with this pixel shades! They are like nerd glasses with a twist! I have seen various of them over the internet and the are all expensive. I got mine at a bazaar for only Php50.00 or approximately $1.2!

Round sunnies are always seen in the fashion scene today. The first time I saw them makes me want to have one! But 1 isn't enough so I got 2 in different tint! I got disappointed when I tried them on and saw that they don't look good to me. But I discover a trick on how to make them look good on my face during my Boracay trip: tie my hair up!

This is my silly face wearing these 3 glasses while waiting for the van to be full on our way to Kalibo boat port.

And this me with my boyfriend Erickson. I am wearing that round sunnies with my hair tied up. Looks better right? Now I know that trick! Yehey!
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One Stiletto At A Time said...

Love mini polishes as it makes things so much simpler when you want to try out a colour but not sure if it will suit you!

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love nail polishes :) x

Ana said...

Great collection :)

Madzia said...

Great color! :)

Stefania said...

I love these nail polishes!!

A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

Love all these colors and I am going to need to try some of these brands. Also so jealous of your weather!!


Sunters said...

Great post


Iván said...

Wow !!
Lovely glasses !


sara.fashionocean said...

I want all these nail polishes.


BB said...

I love some of the colors here, I think I need to try out something new, too ;)

Berkana said...

I also love the nail polish..You glsses are amazing!

Adeayu said...

so cute nail polish! and its so cheap :o surprise with the price!
the pixel glasses is awesome and its cheap too.. I want that badly.

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