December 26, 2012

Week in Photos

 Pizza Hut Super Panalo meal! #dinner


 Golden Helmet! These are not for sale because we just requested it to be customized straight from Britain. :)

 Cutie bags I found at SM Mall of Asia. I want them seriously!

 Chippy Chips for breakfast? Definitely yes!

 Trying out our new product: Beartoni iWear eye wear!

Random face of the day..

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! It's finally Christmas! Hoping that everyone is having a great time with their families today! Let us celebrate the birth of baby Jesus laughing together and loving each other!

These are some of the gifts I got this Christmas. I haven't posted the others yet. Thank you so much to all who gave these! You guys are all appreciated! ♥

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 20, 2012

Motoworld Christmas Party

Our company's Christmas party have happened 2 weeks ago and I want to share in this post what we wore on the event. But let me show you my look first. (Ako yata dapat ang bida dito no! :D)

I did my make-up all by myself and I'm quite proud with the result. At least I've learned with all the make-up tutorials that I am watching in youtube! ♥ Thank you to ate Lezle for ironing my wavy/curly hair! I'm so happy! Yay! And thanks Ish for the photos!

 On to my outfit, I wore this blue and yellow-colored dress. (Ang lakas maka-New Year!) When I first saw this piece, I knew I will regret if I would not buy this because it is such a masterpiece in one! I really love the flow of the skirt and how it is layered, the cut-outs gave an edge to the dress plus the polka dots gave the playfulness! I told you it is a masterpiece in one! ♥

This is me waving my dress. Thanks Ish for the photo and ate Grace for the sandals! ♥

From all of us, Merry Christmas! ♥

December 16, 2012

Romwe Year-end Xmas Promo!

Romwe Year-end Xmas Promotion
Everyone can get a Santa Claus’ Stocking with Mysterious Gift if your order over $60. Visit now!

December 13, 2012

Glitzy Rainbow Tiger Nails

Glitters, Tiger stripes and gradient effect: all my favorite nail designs in one! ♥

December 12, 2012

December 10, 2012

Christmas Party!

Here is what I wore in our company's Christmas party last Saturday night. It is a simple, conservative dress with a peek-a-boo shoulder cut-out and polka dot skirt that I really love! ♥

December 4, 2012

Comfort Outfit

When I am seeking for a whole day comfort with my outfit, loose long-sleeve top, a pair of leggings and a canvass shoes is where I am running at. These combination is the best if you're a bit indolent to dress up but want to have a piece of fashion sense in your outfit. ♥

December 3, 2012

Holiday Festive Nail

It's December! I am almost smelling the festive vibe of Christmas season! And I am putting that holiday festive feel in this week's manicure which is a neutral gray nail polish topped with silver glitters. It's just a trick. Any color that you pair with glitters will instantly be glamorous, and festive. You can see this trick more when you pair it with bright colors.

 The nail polish that I have used here are Klik nail polishes in Platinum Glitter and Ashley. I have posted it here. ♥

I broke a promise of Manicure Monday in this blog last week and here I am again keeping that promise. I hope I will keep this every week from now. ;)

I would love to hear your comments about this post so be sure to leave one in the comment box below. Follow me on Twitter @28allicsirp

December 1, 2012

Watsons Haul

Watsons has now been a one-stop-shop from being a simple pharmacy before. Its growing number of branches gives most Filipinos so much convenience. And this week, we got a chance to shop for our essentials at Watsons in Mall of Asia. "We" means me and my boyfriend so don't be shock if you see some products in this haul that aren't for woman. I know I got some male readers here and you might just relate on what these things are for.

Most of the products that we got are on promo that is why you will see multiple numbers of them. It is really nice shopping in December! There are really good deals waiting for you in stores!

The first thing that I got is this Foot Treats foot powder with moisturizer for our everyday use. I got it for Php69 from the original price of Php79. And since I have been enthusiastically putting on some make-up at work this week, I knew I am also be needing a decent make-up remover when I got home so I get this Glam Works make-up remover cleansing wipes which are on sale in buy 1, take 1 promo! I got them at Php47 only!

Stresstabs has been my everyday vitamin since I started working. In all fairness, it takes away the sleepy feeling so I can stay alert at work.

Here is another item that we got on promo of buy 1, take 1. It is Watson Men facial travel kit. It consists of  a facial wash, a toner and a facial gel. We got it for only Php82 for these 2 packs. So cheap right? And I so love the packaging color combination that are black and neon green.. Cool!

Another item that was selling in buy 1, take 1 promo is this Watson Men moisturizing lip balm. We got this 2 for only Php49!

Lastly, we got a Colgate toothpaste, a Rexona for men deodorant and Schick shavers.

Thank you for all these good deals Watsons! We will surely come back for more! <3

November 24, 2012

Beach Haul

Our Boracay Trip was booked far before the actual date so I've got the luxury of time to think of what are the things that I should bring with me. I don't have that sexy, beach-y body that you can boast on by displaying it on the seashore while tanning your skin under the heat of the sun so I opt for an old-fashion beach attires for this trip.

Sleeveless and see-through tops plus shorts are the most that I could do so please excuse my primitive-being. So today I will be sharing the new things that I got for and from my Boracay Trip.

I got 3 pair of shorts and I enjoyed wearing them at the beach. Not too revealing but still blending in the surrounding! I just realized that all this 3 are of blue hue. Baby blue, blue and navy blue. Plus I've got a skirt that is in hot blue color! Woah! Do I changed my most favorite color from violet to blue? :D

Beaches screams summer and summer screams bold colors so I got this hot pink see-through top! This is from Romwe. I got them for $19.99 and they are now out of stock so I cannot give the exact link of this item.

Here is the closer look for this top. It is actually a mesh top and I regret that I didn't had a chance to wear this on Bora. :(

This dress is from Ate Enei that she bought for all of us so we can have a matching maxi dresses for Boracay. Thank you so much ate Enei!  ♥

This hi-low skirt is also from Romwe. Click here for the link to the actual item. I got it for $23 and I know I got a good deal because I got it on sale! Yay!

Accessory souvenirs that I got. I planned it to be my pasalubong but decided to keep it for my own use. Haha.

I got this navy blue straw hat (blue hue again!) from a thrift shop for Php120 (about $3). It was a last minute decision since I got it a night before our morning flight. Impulsive buyer mode here you are again! lol. These sunnies are actually bought far before and it was a planned purchase. I have posted the haul here,

This purse is from ate Enei again! Thank you for being so generous with me ate! ♥
I just love that it has a matching color with my newly-bought necklace.

The last 2 photo are the accessories I got for myself. I got the black and white Capiz shell necklace for Php 120 and the wooden neon one for Php 50. They're so adorable! ♥

More outfit posts is awaiting to be posted here! ♥

November 23, 2012

OOTD: Sunday Stroll

If you could remember my Sunday Stroll post, this is what I wore that day. It is actually my first time to wear shorts at the mall. I am not used in wearing clothes that shows so much skin but I am loving my self for trying it out now. I am getting out of my comfort zone little by little!

I have also posted it on lookbook: