August 29, 2013

Bellast Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is one thing a woman shouldn't miss having. It is something that could save you from a lazy day of dressing up because it could instantly dress up basic outfits. When you feel like wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans, go on. Just pile a dainty jewelry and you're good to go! And I'm that lazy so I can benefit in this trick so much!

While I'm on the hunt for delicate jewelries online, I stumble upon and I just died. Darn! They have so much of these gorgeous jewelries and I fell in love with their stoned one. It has been hard for me to choose but luckily, I had 2 instead of 1 for a limit of $50. See how affordable their jewelries are?! You should really check out Bellast if you are also in the hunt of fine jewelries!

My choice is about colorful, precious stones. At first I was a bit hesitant to press the "Add to Cart" button because I normally consider something that I can overuse and wear every day. But these babies need no twice thinking and yes, they can be something that you can wear everyday as I have stated above. I immediately push that button and felt confident with my choice. You can see the product link here: (bracelet and necklace)

All items are available at

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August 26, 2013

Sultry Red Nails

It’s Manicure Monday again! Luckily I got the chance to have another nail-related post today since it’s a holiday (Oh, how I love August for having so much holidays in it!). And holiday for me means celebration since I would have an extra time to do whatever I wanted to do including my rarely update on this blog. And to call for the celebration, I painted my nails red! Red, to many, can stand for a lot of things but today this is the definition I choose. Red is for celebration and festivity! After all, we are celebrating the National Heroes day today which marks the valor of our Filipino heroes that fought for our country’s independence. Red symbolizes their courage too!

  This was my second time to paint my nails red but it was the first time that I felt my nails sexy. Instant sexy nails? Did that made any sense? Haha! Maybe it was because of the sultry tone of this one, we all know that being sexy is describe as sultry and that could be the reason why I achieved an instant sexy nail feel.  I first thought of having a simple nail art today like I promised in my last posts but when I tried this color, I know nail art would not be needed because the color itself can stand out on its own. To catch up with that, I intentionally get my striped t-shirt to resemble a nautical vibe for these nails. And seeing the photos, I know I succeed!

True nautical nails will come next I swear! I was inspired enough by cutepolish on Youtube that I wanted to replicate her cute version of nautical manicure! And this sultry red color would be perfect for that!

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August 23, 2013

Bad/Bed Weather Dress

This week has been the laziest week of this year! I still can’t imagine I was stacked at the house from Saturday afternoon to Wednesday. It was all because of the recent tropical storm Maring that ravaged the Philippines. Monday is supposed to be a holiday for all the Quezon City employees like me but it went to be an ordinary day at home because no one can get out of their houses due to heavy rain and flood. Tuesday was meant to be the resume of office works but the company has decided to cancel it due to the same scenario as the previous day. Wednesday was not too far from the previous days however the rain have been lessen and we've finally got a chance to get out of the house and go to the mall! I will admit, I maximized that afternoon for two reasons: feeling of loss for the unproductive days and facing the reality that tomorrow will be a regular day at work already. I must say that I've succeed in maximizing it, and end the day in being excited to be back at work again hoping that the weather next day will already be good.

Dress and shoes: Thrifted 

But I woke up the next day with disappointment. The rain is pouring hard still and guess what? I needed to go to work. I know I don't have a choice but to wear comfy outfit that will make me survive the whole day. I basically wanted to stay warm in spite of the cold climate and be hassle-free on my way to work (so definitely no jeans or any other long bottoms that will be damp by rain or flood). Good thing I have this super thick dress that has a material like that of bath towels. It was like wearing your blanket throughout the day plus it has a perfect length that would be willing to engross any rain or flood! A life-saver wardrobe staple anyone?  I didn't wear any accessory and opt for my favorite outdoorsy flats.

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August 19, 2013

Bunny Nails

It’s Monday and it’s raining hard in the Philippines! Tropical storm Maring is continuously pouring the country with heavy rainfall that caused flooding in various places and class suspension as well office work schedules. Luckily, I am not included on the number of families suffering from the effects of this tropical storm. It was technically a holiday for me since today is Manuel L. Quezon day and I am working at Quezon City, the city named after this hero. I ideally wanted to make this day productive since last week where I planned to go to my college school at Sta. Mesa, Manila to get my TOR, then go to Ortigas, Mandaluyong City to get my certificate from the last Strategic Marketing Conference (StratMark2013). But here I am, shut in the house all day because of the heavy rain.

But to make it all up, I am still trying to be productive as I can by doing other works and drafting blog posts for this blog. And today I will talk about this cutie Bunny Nails that I wore last week since it is Manicure Monday. This is another simple nail art that I am inspired to do after my Piggy Nails. I am planning to post more of these simple nail art that you can DIY (Do-It-Yourself) if my time permits me. Bunny is one of the cutest pet you can ever had. And I personally love this cutie animal! I mean, who wouldn’t be? They are awesomely adorable! And imagine wearing them on your nails? Yes please! More particularly if they will be in different colors! I personally love to wear them in soft pastel hues that was inspired by Easter eggs! And yes, this is a perfect Easter manicure!

And just like the last time that I posted a nail art manicure, I am also posting a step-by-step guide on how to achieve it (see the photo above) and yes, I am committing to have this guide every time my Manicure Monday post is about nail art, complicated or not. Hope that you've enjoyed this Bunny nail post.

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August 2, 2013

21st Birthday Outfit

It's official! I am now already 21 years old! I know it’s too early to think of it, but I'm feeling so old yet so numb. It feels like I am running out of time and energy for all the things that I've wanted to do. Call it midlife crisis or whatever you can call it, but lately I am feeling that life for me is more than halfway over. I know I needed to set priorities, but I also wanted to enjoy life the way I wanted it to be. Life has been so hard for me when I am growing up. I belong to a broken family with just my mother alone providing the needs of my sister and mine. I'm obliged to work at a very young age of 9, I didn't experience to be just like the other child in that age playing and enjoying their childhood days. I'm not blaming it to my mother nor to my father, I know I am not just as lucky as others who happened to belong to a rich family. Like others who happened to enjoy life not thinking of where to get money to sustain for tomorrow's needs. I know I will survive this crisis. I just wish it will not take that long. Okay now, enough for the ranting! Let us go to the main purpose of this post.

Top: Thrifted | Jeans: Crissa | Shoes: Thrifted | Bag: Unbranded | Nail polish: Oh My Golly

Here is what I wore on my 21st birthday. As I have mentioned on my last post, it has been my tradition to wear violet on my birthdays.  Just like I've done last year (see my outfit here) and on the rest of my past birthdays. However, this year seem to be different from the rest including the tradition of wearing my favorite color on my special day.