February 24, 2013

Style Staple: Blue+Gray: Sweater+Skirt

Blue and gray has been a pair of colors that blends with each other. Maybe because they came on same pantone. On today's style staple, I'm gonna show you 3 ways to rock your sweater and skirt combo in these 2 colors. My style is basically comfort-pro so don't be surprise if I opt to wear flats/ sneakers than the known classic stiletto or pumps. I would but for special occasions only. The style that I will show on my Style Staple episodes will be wearable for everyday.

Sweater: Markus Lupfer, Bag: Grafea Smurf, Shoes: American Apparel, iPhone case: The Iconic, Skirt: Harvey Nichols

Sweater: Sammy Dress, Bag: Proenza Schouler, Skirt: Topshop, Shoes: Fashion Union, Nail Polish: Essie

Skirt: Bilder Hochlagen, Sweater: Chinti and Parker, Sunnies: Polyvore, Shoes: Banboo

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February 22, 2013

Style Staple: Nautical Gal

It’s nice to be back here! I feel like it's been a decade since I write my last post! Phew~! I obviously can’t find time to update this blog. It’s quite difficult to balance my time to work, social life and to other things I’d want to do. The least thing I can do to keep myself updated in the social media is to update my Instagram (@priscillajoycepardo) and Facebook (fb.com/priscillajoycepardo) account with the things that happens every day through pictures or through words.  
As a solution to this problem, I thought of having another segment that could still showcase my fashion taste/ thoughts and ideas without spending much time to do it, the least I can do on my free time. I’ll call it Style Staple which will feature different fashion inspiration and how-to-style guides from my own sense. Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming to be a legit Stylista, I'm a trying hard one I know, but I aspire to be once so I hope this will help.

For the first Style Staple segment, here is a nautical-inspired outfit. Nautical fashion is known for its blue-white-red color combination plus the stripes. My version is so like that which is basically a combination of blue and white-colored pieces with a pop of red. This look is a preppy, comfortable ensemble which will be best to worn in school, hanging out with friends, malling or going to park. 

*Shops where you can get the items are link down below:
Hat -- Juicy CoutureBag -- Sloane RangerRed Cuff -- Tory BurchBlue Cuff -- Tory BurchWatch -- Michael KorsTop -- Joules GinaShoes -- American EagleSkirt -- Carven Seersucker

February 5, 2013

Perfect Polka Nails

Another Valentine-inspired nail is on my hands right now! It is actually a revamped version of my last post which is the Romantic Red Nails. What I just did is erase the ring finger’s paint and change it to a plain white so I could add my lovely little dots onto it. The rest of the nails stay its way. I just add couple of dots and tada! I have my Perfect Polka nails!

At first, you can’t tell that it was the same nail as my last post until I told it right? They’re completely different concept but both playful and romantic! I am a sucker of simple designs yet yearns for glamour like you've spend tons of hours in it!

And why did I call it "Perfect Polka"? Nothing special behind it. It's just that, this is my first time to perfect a polka dot design. I've tried it several times but the design sucks. Happily, I perfected it now! Woo!

I am looking forward in posting more of my Valentine-inspired manicure before Heart's day and I am crossing my fingers now for that. See you again and advance Happy Valentine!

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February 2, 2013

Romantic Red Nails

As promised, I will make my own countdown to Valentine by posting my own creations of Valentine-inspired nails. If you missed it, my first Valentine nail inspiration is Pink Leopard nails, (click here to see the post) which is my modern and girly take on the classic leopard print.

Today's nail is a simple red nails, (which we all know red is the color of Valentines) spiced up by adding a huge heart shape in the ring finger. It's classic and sophisticated with it's plain color and playful with the heart putted on. I prefer the playful one though! ;)

The nail polish I've used is this gorgeous Romantic Red hue from Careline, which is a part of my "little collection" (Click here to see my post about it) that I got for only PhP10 (aproximately $0.30) at Mercury Drugstore!

I am looking forward in posting more of my Valentine-inspired manicure and I am crossing my fingers now for that. See you again and advance Happy Valentine!

Instagram: @priscillajoycepardo