November 16, 2012

Boracay Trip: The Foods

Continuing to my Boracay trip stories, what I am sharing today is the food that we have tasted and eaten during our stay there. I really forget about my figure during this trip. I mean, I am not really in a diet and I haven't been in any. I am just eating what I feel to eat or anything entices my taste buds. And I that is exactly what I have done in Boracay. There is no exeption in my stomach during that 4-day trip.
I actually didn't photographed all the food for some reasons: either my camera is dead-bat or I am so hungry that instead of grabbing my camera, I have grabbed the spoon and fork. lol.

Our flight was delayed that we are still waiting for the boarding time till lunchtime so we bought Muhlach's ensaymada to aid our hunger.

When we got to the hotel, the personnel gave us this four-season juice drink as a welcome gift. This is actually delicious! ♥

We got these Buco Pandan and Banana cake bites as dessert during our first night plus this yummy fruit salad which I actually love because it tastes exactly as my mom's fruit salad

Fresh Garden Salad as appetizer

Breakfast on our second day is rice paired with Chicken Terriyaki and scramble egg.

Breakfast at the hotel was always served with Brewed coffee and fruit juice at side.

Lunch during our island hopping adventure. Pinakbet and Deep Fried Calamares.

Second night's dinner. BTW, We have stayed at La Carmela de Boracay Hotel that was one of the well-known hotel destinations in the island. They said that the TV personalities are the ones that are staying there. I am so honored to stay there. Thanks ate Len! ♥

Beach Hut Bar's shake! So yummy and comes with a cute container! Yay!

Fruit Salad and Potato Soup

Strawberry and carrot cake bites for dessert also.

In cold nights, on what food we are running to? Instant cup noodles!

Our last breakfast in our last day, rice paired with sweet and sour longganisa and scrambled egg.

While waiting for the airplane on our way back to Manila, I bought a Caramel Macchiato at Coffee Break on Kalibo Airport.

And that's all for our food journey! I hope that it interests you even a little. I really had so much fun at Boracay and I am still have more stories to tell!


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