July 30, 2013

Birthday Nails + Diffi Nail Polish Mini Review

It's Manicure Monday again! How time flies so fast! July is almost ending now! One month to go and it's already "ber" months! I can smell the Christmas already! Hahaha! Weird me again, talking about Christmas in July? Wooot~!

 To be honest, July is the only month in a year that I can't feel passing by. Considering it is my birth month! Well maybe because every time this month starts, I am always looking forward to its end. Don't get me wrong, it is not because I don't like to live each of July's days, it is because the month's almost end is my birthday! And that day was yesterday, July 28. In line with this Manicure Monday post, what I am sharing today is my birthday nails! Violet is my favorite color and it was my tradition to wear violet color from head to foot on this special day. Talk about color addiction! Haha! Not to mention, I always make sure that my cake is violet in each 28th day of July!
 But that was before. Yesterday was quite different from the rest. I opt wearing red instead of violet, I didn't have a violet cake. It was like an ordinary day with my boyfriend and I even refuse to go out when he said that we will be going to celebrate. I don't know, I've looked up for this day the whole month, plan so much things to do to make it extra special and yet it came out like an ordinary day.
 So to cheer myself up again, I wear my favorite color on my nails. Diffi nail polish is a Thai brand. Ate Len (happy-whenever.blogspot.com) brought it for me in their recent trip to Thailand as my pasalubong! Yay! The first time I saw them, I just died! They're just in perfect timing as my birthday nail color. I'm amazed with the consistency of this lacquer since I didn't expect it to be that good. Maybe because this was the first time I encountered the brand name. (Lesson? Don't judge the book by its cover! lol) You just need one (1) coat for the dark color and two (2) coats for the lighter one. An average nail polish consistency will take you to have 2 coats in dark nail polish, and 3 coats in light one. That is why the consistency of Diffi was that great!

July 22, 2013

Piggy Nails

 Hello short nails, Manicure Monday! I've managed to keep my promise this week! And this week's nails are quite special because I am wearing a nail art! 

Well not one of those gorgeous yet complicated nail art that you usually see, but I am proud that I have made it myself! Plus, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you may actually know how I am usually ranting about having a busy schedule, and for the nth time, I will say, I am not complaining, just plain rant. That just explains how big deal it is for me to find time for such things like nail art. Lol. 

Now back to my nails, look at my cutie piggy nails! I am staring at my little nail polish collection the whole morning yesterday undecided on what color to wear this week. Until I've decided to go girly in pink but having them in different shades just caused me another confusion! /simpleyetcomplicatedgirlproblems From there, I thought of choosing at least 2 shades and create a simple nail art out of it. There comes the idea of having these cutie pigs on my nails! Just a few curves, dot and line and you will achieve it! To those who are still curious on how to do this, I created a simple tutorial below, hope this helps! Plus, I have realized that it is better to wear your nails short if you will be doing a nail art. Long nails fit a one color/plain manicure only. Just a simple tip!

 As you can see from the actual photos above, there are two kinds/size of pigs on my nails. One being the half-nail size and the other is in full-nail size. That is why I created 2 different illustrations. Well, here's a confession about having those two: I am actually planning to have a pig nail art just on my ring finger and leave the rest of my nails plain pink. /lazygirl

But I still end up wanting to have them in all of my nails so I just find an easier way to recreate them /lazymeagain, lol/.   My problem is, I have already painted all the other nails with light pink and I don't want to erase it and repaint it all over again just t achieve the half-nail size pig. Besides, having an option is always great. (palusot!)

I used this Caronia Rosy Glow nail polish as the base color for this manicure. This was from the Caronia Expressions collection that they've generously sent me last summer.

 I forgot to include this when I shot my nails but here are what I've used for this manicure from my Instragram post yesterday: Oh My Golly nail polishes in Bikini and Black Out; Caronia Rosy Glow; OPI Top Coat and OMG nail dotter. If you haven't yet, follow me on Instagram @priscillajoycepardo!

July 17, 2013

Little Black Dress

Having a long hair is often considered a sign of beauty, it also means youth and vitality to most of us girls. Most women, if not all of us, would love to be able to grow our hair to a long, flowing length. Unfortunately, it needs much time and effort to grow a healthy-looking, graceful hair. The hair of a person will grow about an average of half inch per month, thus this can be slowed down by a number of personal care and health factors. This includes daily hair care, trimming, eating healthy, etc. 

In my case, this hair length was achieved in the last 10 months. Yes, it's been 10 months since I last visited a salon for a hair cut! Time flies so fast! Phew~! But if you don't want to wait for these long but still wanted an instant long hair solution, you can opt for cheap hair extensions instead. As I am searching the web, I found tons of hair extensions online where you can experiment different hairstyles for everyday. The best site I found so far is www.besthairbuy.com, they carry really cheap short hair remedies in retail or wholesale at an affordable prices! They are also offering free shipping worldwide for over $99 orders!

Dress: Soiree; Watch: Thrift Store; Shoes: Thrift Store
On to my outfit, I wore this cute LBD (little black dress) at the office a few days back. I know, LBDs are just for night time or formal event but you can always make it appropriate for daytime/office attire like what I did here. I build a monochromatic ensemble by pairing this LBD with a black cardigan and a black flat shoes. I just throw on a blinged necklace and tada! My LBD is now appropriate for daytime and for the office!

*Sponsored post

July 2, 2013

Blistex Lip Tone

They say that if there is one thing a woman should not forget to have before leaving the house, it should be a LIPSTICK! (Or just a lip color I guess?) Why? Because putting on some colors to your lips can make a whole lot of difference. Having a bad hair day, bad outfit, or even bad mood can be pass by, but having a pale face cannot save you from a day of misery! 

 I completely agree to this thought but I am not completely convinced. Haha. It's ironic how things can come like this but that's how it used to be for me. I tend to pass each day without makeup on, that is why most of my Instagram photos are tag with #nomakeup hashtag. But that doesn't mean I don't have even one lip product in my bag when I leave the house. I tend to bring not just one, or two, but 12 lip products to be exact! That's how weird I am! Bringing those stuffs every single day without an assurance that I will use even one of them! But when it comes to a lip product must-have, this one I am having a review today is one on my list.

Blistex Lip Tone is a 3-in-1 product that would make each girl's life easier. If you are like me who thinks that wearing a lipstick is just for big occasions/celebrations and not for everyday use, then this product is right for you! Blistex has been introduced to me by my boyfriend's sister, ate Len (her blog is happy-whenever.blogspot.com). It is a lip moisturizer, lip protectant and lip tone in one! It enhances the natural pigment of your lips with a slight touch of color. Imagine wearing a lip color without everyone noticing that you're not! 

By the way, I bought mine at Mercury Drugstore. Ate Len told me that this is also available at Watsons.
Visit www.blistex.com for more details.