June 24, 2013

Navy Blue Nails

It's Manicure Monday! Am I keeping my promise again? Am I? Am I? Ohh.. Sorry but I'm not. It's just that I got some free time yesterday to change my nail color because I gave up some things that I need to do. I honestly didn't list changing my nail color in my priority now. But I am keeping this blog as one in top of that list!

 On to my nails, I am currently wearing this Klik Nail Polish in Navy Blue which is almost a violet color that I really love! Plus it matches the pink dress that I am wearing today so well! Violet and pink are always my go-to color when I feel like an extra "girly girl"!

June 20, 2013

Going Straight Laminates

After finishing a bottle of Going Straight Laminates, I thought I already have the right to have a product review for it. Going Straight Laminates is sophisticated high-performing hair polish that prevents your hair from having split ends. It also improves and condition damaged hair and lock-in natural moisture. This was first introduced to me by their stylist in Going Straight SM Mall of Asia last September 2012 when I visited the salon to have my hair cut. The stylist told me that she could recommend GS Laminates as a solution for my dry-looking hair caused by split-ends. I admit, having a split ends is one of my major hair problems since it is spreading fast on all my hair strands whenever I had some that causes frizzy, dry and rough looking hair. Thinking of this hair state that I have that moment, I easily agreed to purchase the said hair polish for a price of PhP 185.00. It also smells pretty good! It reminds me of "pomada" that I am seeing before used by my grandparents. (I thought the smell was derived from it?)

I asked for some instructions on how, when and where will I use the product and this are what she instructed: (a) Apply the product on to your hair minutes after it has been dried when you wash your hair. (b) Put a tiny amount on your palm, warm it for a moment by rubbing them apply to the ends of your hair. (c) Whatever is left on your hands after concentrating on the ends could be applied on the crown of your hair

I am much more happy with the result since it leaves me with a split-ends-free hair. It also helps me a lot to protect my hair from the scorching heat of summer which is the number one cause of split ends. I recently repurchase another bottle and planning to continuously use it over the year.  

I know, this photo doesn't look good but it was my proof that I have used the product. Sorry for the messy-looking bottle. I am just throwing it on my dump bag every day that makes it scratched by all the things I have in there. And dump bags are used by me literally, that is why. lol.

For more details, you can visit Going Straight salon's website here or visit their Facebook or  Twitter.

June 16, 2013

OOTD: Philippine Independence Day

3 days ago, we have celebrated the 115th Philippine Independence Day. I used to appreciate this day during my school years but now that I am already working, holidays like this makes me look forward to have a vacation than reflection. I know this isn't right but I am working regularly 6 days a week, 7 days straight if I needed to attend a marketing event and no, I am not complaining. I am enjoying my work and the experience I am earning from it but my body and mind doesn't. I'm much more exhausted and burnout than my usual state so I can't blame my self. Rest assured, I'm much more satisfied with my first job.

Shoes and Shorts: Bazaar | T-shirt: Mogu Mogu Manila | Watch: Maxxe | Bag: Romwe
Moving on, this are the nail colors and outfit I wore last June 12. I basically want to replicate the colors of the Philippine flag which are red, blue, yellow and white and felt so happy when I realize that I have these bold colors on my closet. I rarely wear bold colors because it wouldn't blend well with my morena (fair) complexion but at least I proved that I am not afraid to wear them that's why I have them! And it is Independence day so I thought I have the freedom to wear what I want to wear? lol. 

My take on Independence Day manicure is this frosted colors of Philippine flag! No nail art / design done but I'm happy with the result. Besides, since they are all in bold colors, I thought being simple would be better.

And this is the whole look! I know, shameless mirror selfies are unforgivable but that's all I can do. First, I don't have someone to take my photo and second, if I will have one, I will always feel and look awkward while taking them. As I am always saying, I haven't learned on how to pose for a portrait shot in the camera and still didn't know when I will learn that. I hope it will be as soon as possible? Please? 

It was my first time also to wear this cutie Mogu Mogu Manila shirt and I really love it! I got lots of compliments wearing it and I am wanting to have them in every color! I have posted the closer look of it on Instagram that was the photo shown below. And if you haven't yet, please follow me @priscillajoycepardo!

That's all and I'll see you again next time! ♥

June 5, 2013

Simple Nail Polish Buying Tips + My Little Collection

I really love to indulge and imagine what color would be the best to wear and to pair of course. If you have thigh budget but wanting to own a fair amount of nail paint or don't want to spend much money on nail polishes, or maybe you are just starting and experimenting, here are the quick tips for you:

1. Look for cheap but good quality nail polishes- Being low-priced doesn't mean suffering on quality. Look for brands that is cheap but has good consistency. You don't want a nail polish that is too sheer when you apply and seems you must apply more than 4 coats just to achieve the opacity you are aiming. 3 coats should be the maximum number per application. Going beyond these numbers means too much. I have talked about it here and showed a mini haul here.
2. Consider the color before buying - If you are up for the long time usage of every bottle you are buying, you must consider the color first. Is it suitable for everyday use? Is it decent enough to wear in the office or school? Is this color not yet outdated?
3. Invest in basics - Base coat, nail hardener and top coat are the essentials of nail application process. (insert usage)
4. Invest on neutral shades - The first colors you should have are those neutral shades like black, white, brown, skin tone, and tan. They will be your life- savers if you need to quickly replace your nail color to match you outfit. These shades pretty blends with any color so it will save your time and lessen your stress to think of the best color to wear given an ample amount of time.
5. Glitter nail polish/ top coat - glitters as we all know are the least way to glamor-ize your nails. They will stand as instant design and instant glam when you think your current nail color is too plain.
6. Do not panic buy - Maximum number of bottle per purchase should be at least 2 and not more than 3 depending on the frequency of your purchase and usage. I normally change my nail color every week and I am buying new nail polish(es) once a month. When I have wore all the new colors that I bought, I will mix and match the colors I have in my mini nail polish collection like decorating it with simple nail arts like dots, hearts or leopard prints. My minimal design will be changing the color of my ring finger from the rest of my nails. (You can find my creations here)

My current nail polish storage. If this grew bigger, I may place them in a bigger storage as well. 
I hope these simple tips have helped you. :)

June 2, 2013

Intramuros + OOTD

I am a simple top + jeans kind of girl ever since. I tried (and trying) to get out of this comfort zone but I keep on failing. First, I am staying at the office 6 days a week, which requires me to wear a casual outfit (it was not really a requirement but if I will dress differently, I will look weird every time because of some social culture that is why I used the word require). Plus, I didn't own any personal transportation vehicle so I got to deal with several public commuters every single day. At least I should dress properly in public, keep my self comfortable as much as I can, and be appropriate for work of course. 

This is the outfit I wore yesterday from office to a mini "date" with my boyfriend. Sleeveless top + cardigan +  skinny jeans + flat shoes are always my go-to outfit. I love how this classic casual look can be appropriate to office, date, malling, and almost anything I can think of where I can wear this combo!

We've gone to Intramuros in Manila, because I like to go to a silent and peaceful place where I can breath some fresh air after being burnt out to work the whole week. Intramuros is such a perfect place to go to! Thank you so much baby for spoiling my little wish again!

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