March 22, 2014

DresSale Comfort Shoes Wish List

If there is one thing I can never have enough aside from clothes, it will be shoes. I mean, why not right? Cinderella is a proof that having a new pair of shoes can change your life! Hahaha! Admittedly, I am a terrible, unwise shopper when it comes to fashion. It is always been a battle of buying it first before thinking of why I need to buy it especially if I think the price is freakily reduced by the time I saw it. Just what happened when I came across! I freaked out when I saw how low their prices are, my jaw literally drop because I didn't know what to look at first since I wanted to buy everything! But then I managed to tone down my list and came up with below wish list for DresSale:

Flat Shoes (L-R): StuddedAnimal-inspiredNeonHoundstooth
I'm a sucker when it comes to flat shoes, this is one of my style essential since I am more of the comfort and convenience; style/design will just come next. Of course it doesn't have to be a simple doll shoes all through out, you can capitalize on picking a unique yet relatable style to match your outfit just like opting for a studdedanimal-inspiredpop of color or printed instead of just a plain solid color.

Oxford Shoes (L-R): Pastel BlueNeutral BrownFloral
Another way to rock a comfortable style without sacrificing the design is to wear oxford shoes. Just like flat shoes, you should never stick on the traditional neutral color. You may opt for pastelneutral color with interesting cut and even go crazy with floral.

Elevated Sneakers: ColorblockLaceFloral
If you're an average high girl like me who seriously needs the help of elevated shoes but do want comfort at the same time, heeled sneakers could be your best friend! Neutral colorblock are best for sporty/casual outfits while lacey ones would go right with dressier style same as the floral however, you could still use it in smart-casual/ corporate and even sporty style to add some edginess.

All items in this wishlist is available at, you could visit their website and be wowed by their amazing collection! :)

March 20, 2014

Summer 2014: Island Cove

Can’t believe it’s summer time again! How time flies so fast! It feels like I just posted my Tagaytay and family swimming adventure just a month or two but it’s the time of the year again. Hello summer 2014, I’m so ready for you!

A couple of weeks ago, I together with my closest friends (and boyfriend of course!) have gone on our barkada summer getaway for this year at Island Cove Leisure Park in Cavite. It was a short-planned one even though I already had our entrance fee paid on summer of last year. But as the saying goes, the more you are planning it the more you will not enjoy it and that proved to be true during this short trip. It was also a day of escape from our individual busy works that's why we really maximize it! 

Travelling to the place isn’t a problem at all since it is just a minute away from the Metro! We just took a bus ride from Pasay to Cavite via Cavitex then rode a tricycle to get into the leisure park and voila! we just hit in our short escape!

What I love about this leisure park is it has a zoo! We’ve got a chance to see different animals when we got tired of swimming however, the Animal Island (zoo) is a bit too far from Oceania (water park/pool) so we decided to rent a bike and it was a whole lot of fun driving the bike all over the place!

Look up, look up! Hahaha!
Before we leave the place, we took a couple of minutes to visit the Fishing Village, a floating restaurant inside Island Cove. Glad we’re allowed to enter even though we doesn't have any plan to eat. Another thumbs up for such a breathtaking view especially when we came during the sunset! The clear sky, the water, the horizon, ooohh.. just perfect scene! Yay!

It's been a short yet memorable experience Island Cove, I will surely come back in another summer time for you! Thank you for these people who make this day extra memorable! (Yay, cheesy!)

I definitely recommend Island Cove whether if you're looking for a short yet affordable summer tour in the South whether it is for family, friends or even a couple. 

For more information, you can visit their website and Facebook page.

This is not a sponsored post.