July 30, 2012

Nail Polish Addiction

I am consequently addicted to nail polish at the moment that I wanted to put all the colors in the palette on my fingers! Great addiction for a color lover like me! Whenever I go to store and see different colors of nail polishes, I am wanting to purchase them altogether! But my wallet knows I cannot do that. And I opt to buy cheap ones because if possible, I desired to alter my nail color every single day. So I choose to thrift and have many that are cheap than to have few that is expensive. A common perception of individuals like me who has a minimal purchasing power to acquire these wants. As for this post, here are my new nail polishes:

These two brands are the cheapest brands I found. They just cost less than twenty pesos (P20). The first two are Yellow and Baby Blue Pastels, which is the color I used in the photo below. It is my #BirthdayNails! The third one is a Glow-in-the-Dark nail polish which I enjoyed having while watching a movie in theater. The last one is Neon Green which looks like a candy when worn. If you are following me on Facebook, you may have saw these photos. And expect to see more of my nail posts on the coming days!

My nail polish collections are just starting and here they are! I can't wait to have many of them and take a picture of it! If this few is that great in photographs, what more if they are many?!

Thank you for taking time reading this post. I am expecting to see you still in my next post. ♥


July 28, 2012

20th Birthday

Only few minutes left and my birthday will end. I am officially 20 years old now (I’m not a teen anymore!). I really enjoyed this day! Thank you to my loved ones who made this day so special for me. I haven’t expected this since the past weeks for me are mostly frustrations. It isn’t a sumptuous celebration but to celebrate your birthday with your family and boyfriend is something extra special. Spending this day with them will be the moment I will treasure for the rest of my life. I feel so blessed to have them! Here are not so few photos of my birthday:

While having my chocolate Zagu shake. #Yum
Got 2 complimentary tickets few days ago. Great timing for my birthday!
My birthday nails and accessories! I am wearing a glow-in-the-dark nail polish. That is why I had so much fun when we watch "The Dark Knight Rises". My nails are glowing inside the theater!
 Can't get enough of them!  #PastelNails 
 It is like a tradition for me to wear violet in my birthdays. Why? I am so in love with this color! My wardrobe contains 90% of violet clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. And a special day cannot be completed without this special color! And I found a violet wall for background! ♥ 
#OOTD #Violet Birthday

July 25, 2012

Clozette Fashion Finds

     I am always dreaming of creating an online store. If possible, I also want it to be my virtual closet, something that will showcase my own taste in fashion. I also want to share my inspirations with my community just like what I am doing in this blog. I desire to inspire others. That simple thing could make my life more meaningful.    And I recently found this site where I can extend all of these. clozette.com is your fashion social network. You can create your own online store and sell your products by joining their site. One thing I like about Clozette is because they have a community of sellers, you can find different stuffs that are not concentrated in specific taste, but caters a large market because of variety of products. And I am recently eyeing for these items that are unique and trendy. They really made my eyes drool!
Mouse Shoes!
Round Sunnies ♥
You guys know how much I love bows so this will definitely go to my list!
Colorful waterfall necklace ♥
Polka Dot messenger bag 
Hot air balloon purse!
Heart shaped sunnies!
Cut-along-the-line necklace. Very unique!
Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Show some skin!
Comfy flats! Proudly Philippine made. I love that it is VIOLET ♥
Camera ring. Vintage!
       I found countless of interesting fashion finds thereI wish to share them all here but I will just created a long boring post. Just check www.clozette.co and see lots of goodies for beauty and fashion! One more thing that I love in this site is you can organize the things you find on other site(s) in your profile. My dream virtual closet! It is literally an extension of my site. I am just new and still looking for more interesting finds but I will update you if I got additional. 

     May it be looking for fashion goodies or creating your own online store, I highly recommend you to Clozette. Sign up now at http://www.clozette.co!

     To create your own online store, just click here or visit their Bazaar page here

Or find them on other social networks: 


     All photos are from http://www.clozette.co. Credits to the respective owners.

July 24, 2012

Priscilla's Shoes

I just want to share my current shoe properties here. I wasn't a rich girl so I don't have that huge collection of shoes in different styles and colors. I only have few that you could count on your fingers. I will have at least one for every outfit ideas: casual, formal, etc. and would usually have to choose a neutral color so it will fit any outfit colors. I got them in a cheap prices because that is all I can afford but mind you, they are like treasures for me. I am less fortunate financially, yes, but that didn't stop me to love fashion except from that is every girl's nature. That is why I created this blog. I got contented on what I am seeing over the internet and compile them here so that I can see them every time I want. It also made me happy that I am inspiring some of you through this blog. Thank you so much my dear readers! ♥

Excuse this dirty-looking shoes. If you are my avid reader, I know you have seen this couple of times. I am wearing this so much because it just fits most of my outfits! Some of them is this and this.
Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are having a good day! Sorry for that sentimental part above. I just can't help but say it. ♥


July 19, 2012

DIY Clay Beaded Necklace

When I first saw this, (wonder where I see this? from Pinterest of course! ) I thought it was made from a real beads. But when I click the photo and being directed to the link, I was dumbfounded that it was made from clay! That it why I decided to share it here. This is the step-by-step process of making this adorable accessory:
Are you amazed that this is clay as I did?
All photos are from http://jenloveskev.com. Credits to the creative owner.


July 17, 2012

Rire Giveaway Winner Announcement

I am so happy to inform everyone the winner of my first ever giveaway! I have collaborated with RIRE Boutique for a $30 Gift Certificate giveaway that is open to everyone, worldwide!
This has end last July 9 and the process of choosing a winner is done through random.org. I got a total of 71 entries and the lucky winner got her luck from having an extra entry. Remember, there are 3 chances of winning in this contest as seen here. The winner got 2 entries because she have done 2 of those 3 choices in the mechanics. I have putted all the entries in a table chronologically according to the time of joining (I have used your GFC username in listing). Extra entries are putted after all entries in a chronological way also. And the lucky winner is Nola Geard!


July 16, 2012

Skate Shoes

The first time I saw this shoes, intrigue sink inside me. Looks you can just use them in ice. Amazing sculpting though. They are the skate shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. The sole are said to be made with wood. They are available in different colors at the moment but I think, neutral hues could be the better ones since the design is screaming in detail, you should minimize the color for balance. Unless, the colored ones will be paired with a complimenting outfit. They may look great together.

 All photos are not mine. The first one was from Google and the second was from oneofeachblog.com
Credits to the respective owner.


July 10, 2012

DIY Bow Bracelet

I personally love making DIYs and I always have a great aspiration of documenting the things I am doing, blog about it, etc. But there are so many things to consider in documenting a tutorial. First, you have to have a good quality camera which unfortunately, I don't have. Also, You should have at least basic video editing skills, which in my case, I only know how to edit pictures and not videos. So this is my first time to share a creation and I am contented just by taking photos of it.

This piece was from a scrap of clothes I saw in our house. As I have said in my past post, bow is my favorite   accessory in anything I own because it can bring life and twist to everything!

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July 5, 2012

Muñiz Shoes

Ok, so I will now take a break in flooding you guys with Guilty Pleasures because you might forgot that this blog is also a Fashion Blog
Today, I just found these cute shoes that has a wonderful stories behind each of them. It was designed by a local Philippine actress named Carmina Villaroel. I just can't stop myself in admiring her not only for her acting skills but also because of her creativity showed in these lovely foot wares!
All photos are from http://munizshoes.com/. Credits goes to the beautiful owner.

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July 1, 2012

Summer Trend: Bow Bra

It's rainy season in the Philippines so it is an irony to post this but I dedicate this to my readers who are enjoying their summer season at the moment. 
I just found these super cute "Bow Bras" in an online store and decided to share it here since this blog is my online compilation of the things I want, I like and I love.
Bow is my favorite accessory in any thing I own. A bow can bring life to almost every boring or plain apparel. May it be a bag, shoe, or even a dress or a T-shirt, bow can really make a BIG DIFFERENCE

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All photos are from https://svpply.com.
Credits to the respective owner(s).