October 29, 2013

Denim Dress

Last Saturday night is the birthday celebration of my BF’s father and their family agreed to have a mini-date night and drink coffee out. Every family gathering includes all their son and daughters’ partners and I was obviously one of them. I decided to wear something casual and comfy for the occasion, and I first thought of wearing a one-piece dress which turned out to be a good choice. I got this denim dress long time ago from a thrift shop but it was just the first time that I take it to spin outside. It is because it doesn’t fit me when I got it and I am hoping to fit it on my body sooner and it did that night! That means I am losing some weight now! Yey!

Dress: Weina Jeans (old) | Bag: Wholesale-Dress | Watch and Shoes: Thrifted
As I have mentioned, I got it from a thrift shop and it only costs me PhP50 (approximately $1.25) for this pure denim dress and that is the purpose of buying it even though it doesn’t fit my frame that time. I mean, who will not right? It was a steal right then and there! And until now that I am typing this, I still can’t believe that I got it for that cheap, and that is one reason why I really love thrift shopping!

Bag from Wholesale-dress
I am currently in-love with this bag, it is my go-to semi-formal bag at the moment! The color and design just fits any of my outfit! Yay!

October 26, 2013

Halloween 2013: Jack O' Lantern Nails

Pumpkins are always a part of each Halloween party. It is the reason why color orange has been this time of the year’s color staple aside from black, white, green and purple. And when we talk about pumpkin for Halloween, we can never forget about the carve ones which represents Jack-O’-Lantern, a carved pumpkin. Today I’ll be sharing my second Halloween-inspired manicures for this year and it is no other than Jack-O’-Lantern!

Caronia Nail Polish in Sun Kissed
Recreating this manicure is super easy as it requires you just 2 colors which is orange and black, a dotting tool and a striper.  I have also created a step-by-step tutorial below like I have done in my previous nail art tutorials before.

So first you’ll gonna be painting your nails orange (I’m using Caronia Nail Polish in Sun Kissed here which is in a perfect shade for this manicure) depending on your desired opacity. Next, draw 2 medium circles for the eyes using your black color, followed by a small triangle for the nose. Create a curve line for the mouth as if your pumpkin is smiling, and thicken it by creating another line over it. Lastly, draw small circles inside the eyes and the mouth for details and apply generous amount of top coat to seal in your design.

 And that’s it! You can paint all your nails with the design or just choose an accent nails like I do, since I really wanted to wear this color in plain manicure also. Hopefully I can post more of these before the Halloween come! J

October 22, 2013

Dandy Like Gandy

Chambray is another fashion trend that I haven’t crossed out of my bucket list yet until I came up with this look a few days ago. For me, having a chambray top or button down like what I’m wearing here is one basic wardrobe must-have for every girl. You can literally come up with so many different styles with it! Pair it with colored pants for a crisp and playful look like what I’ve done here, or with a floral pencil skirt for a playful corporate look, with a shorts and t-shirt for a casual day or with a maxi skirt for some boho feel. Name it, there are so much more possibilities to wear it other than the ways I have mentioned!

Top: True Love | Pants: Reborn | Bag: Chicnova | Watch and Shoes: Thrifted
I was quite satisfied on how I pulled out this number. As I was browsing the internet yesterday, I saw SM Men’s Fashion's post about David Gandy, hot British supermodel who’s known to be one of sexiest, most influential and successful male models in the world. He is coming to Manila for Philippine Fashion Week on October 24, 2013 and SM Men’s Fashion is hosting an exclusive invites giveaway encouraging you to post your “Gandy-fied” style. I was thrilled and got curious so I googled some images of Gandy. Then I found a photo of him wearing almost the same number as this one!

Chambray shirt:  (Okay, he’s not really wearing a button down rather a jacket but it looks almost the same! :P)
Colored pants: ✓  Black shoes: 

Great minds think alike maybe? :D

October 21, 2013

Halloween 2013: Dracula + Stitch Nails

October is almost ending and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s the time of the year when we are planning of dressing up on what character we would like to represent on the day of the dead. If you will ask me what I would like to dress up for this year, I would rather be a fairy, a goddess, a white lady, or anyone that requires to wear a light and flowy dress. My mind just wanted to rock that fashion statement on November 1st.

 On to this blog post, since it is Manicure Monday, I am sharing my first Halloween-inspired manicure for 2013! I’m quite proud on how these Dracula nails have turned out, not scary but cute! Plus, it was super easy to do and you will just need 2 basic nail polish color, which is black and white. You will also need a dotting tool or a toothpick to draw Dracula’s face and those stitches. I recommend this manicure if you are looking for a last minute idea since it is so easy to recreate.

Sweet Cherry Nail Polish in Magic Black | OMG Nail Polish in White Out | OMG Dotting Tool

I decided to have his face as accent nails on my ring and middle finger, and decorate the rest with stitches.

And as always, here's a step-by-step guide on how I achieved these Dracula Manicure:

1. Paint your nails 2 thin coats of white polish
2. Draw 2 curve lines that meets at the center and fill it in with either a dotting tool or a toothpick.
3. Draw 2 medium circles for eyes.
4. Draw 2 lines above the eyes for eyebrows.
5. Draw 2 smaller circles inside the eyes for details.
6. Finally, add a top coat to seal in your design.

For the stitch, simply draw a straight line and add smaller lines perpendicular to it. Also add a top coat to seal in your design.

I hope you like it and I am looking forward in posting more of Halloween-inspired manicure before the month ends. ♥

October 16, 2013


I’m a self-proclaimed comfort lover when it comes to fashion. I have mentioned that a million times in this blog and I think this is one thing that will not be missing in my preference in dressing up. I mean, who wouldn’t love to be comfortable right? Well admit it, there will be those days when you would choose to stand and walk all day in sky-high heels but those days of trading it with a good pair of comfort flats should be more than the former. It’s just a matter of dressing up and dressing down in different ways, or the right choice of design and colors.

Top: Jacob Annexe | Bag: Chicnova | Shorts and Watch: Thrifted | Sandals: Chelsea
 That’s what I have in mind when I bought these pair of Chelsea sandals. I spotted it on SALE at 50% off at SM City Cubao and didn’t have the second thought to buy it right away! Opportunities like these are rarely hitting your way so once you come across it, grab it right away! (Did I just sounds like carpetbagger here? Well I think I do! And girls on tight budget I know you can feel me here! Haha!) These sandals are originally priced at PhP399 (approximately $10) but I got it at only PhP199 (approximately $5)! What a steal! I also love how it comes in perfect gray shade that you can pair it with formal dresses, jeans, skirts or even shorts for a casual day like what I did here! Talk about dressing up and dressing down a fashion piece! I am also surprised that it came in a very good condition despite being on sale Well, most stores are selling items at low prices and putting it on sale firstly because it was damaged or what, but I think these Chelsea sandals are merely on clearance and not the other way around.  

Too bad I can’t find the brand’s presence online so all I can say is it is available at SM Department Stores because that’s where I had mine. This is not a sponsored post.

Edit (Oct 20,2013; 10:30pm): I am now disappointed and will recoup all that I have said above about the quality of this sandals. I've got troubled with it just last night, Saturday (Oct. 19, 2013), on my 3rd time to use this (yes, just 3rd time!) while I am on my way to the wake of my friend's mother. The sole of my sandals have separated with its body after I drop off from the bus. It was a disaster considering I was just half-way on my way there, plus it was already 9:45pm, it was impossible to find any store open that is selling footwear that can be a replacement to this disaster one. I was ideally located in having a second thought to go back home and change, or go on in the place of wake. But either of the two won't make any sense of relieve since the sandals I am wearing is already useless.  So I was left with no choice but bear with my now broken sandals and be as resourceful as I can to survive this disgrace. Good thing I bring 2 hair ties with me that night! I wrap it on the sandals to keep the sole and the body intact until I, together with my boyfriend and another guy friend reach the jeepney station. After dropping off from the jeepney, we needed to cross a footbridge and walk a little far to get to the chapel so it will be another disaster. But my boyfriend suggested that they will buy a super glue or any remedy for my sandals while I am waiting in the nearest fast food chain for them to come back. God! I was so thankful I am with them! Finally, they came back in a couple of minutes with a super glue and it has given me so much relieved. I swear not to wear this sandals anymore and is now planning to throw it away due to so much disappointment and mortification.

October 14, 2013

Midnight Sky Nails

It’s been so long since I last painted my nails and I don’t know why I’ve decided to do it today. Maybe because it’s Manicure Monday? Well, it has been unusual to see my nails bare since I started to be addicted in nail polishes and embrace on changing my nail color every week. I just agreed to myself not to do it for a while since I left my job because I will be attending series of interviews during my job hunt and having an uncommon color of nails may cause disappointment to an interviewer. No other fancy reasons, just that.

 Today I am replicating the midnight sky on my nails using these 2 new blue nail polishes which are Oh My Golly in Bahama Blue and Klik in Witch Blue. I don’t have my glitter polishes nor my white one to complete the look with the moon and bigger stars so a plain night sky with small stars in it is what I have created. J

Photo from Google

October 8, 2013

Bart Simpson

I’m always a fan of simple shirts printed with different cartoon/movie characters. In fact, have a lot of them in my closet! Maybe it was a childish side of me or just part of my personal style preference that makes me want them, but for me they are such a style staple that can stand as your main piece when thinking of what you should wear in a casual, laid back day. They are the easiest to pair with basic pieces without looking like you haven’t thought of your outfit that day and today’s post is no exception!

Top: Bazaar |  Skirt: Romwe | Shoes: Thrifted | Bag: Mossini
This Bart Simpson top is actually a midriff/ crop top which is one of the fashion trend that I never imagined that I will try because of my belly insecurities. To be honest, I didn't managed to pass on when I saw this cutie top and told myself that I need to have it and make a way to wear it! (Yay for impulse buying behavior!) And I am glad that I pulled it off in a good way here by pairing it with a high-waisted skirt from Romwe. It is just a matter of finding the right pair and slightly deviating the rules. Wearing crop top doesn't always mean showing off your belly skin anyway. J