September 30, 2013

Quezon Memorial Circle

After posting my EDSA Shrine escapade last time where I mention that Quezon Memorial Circle is where I first fondled about my sentiment in staying in quiet and peaceful places, I realized that I haven’t posted anything about it yet in this blog. Therefore I decided to revisit the place the following day. QMC is just a ride away from our home so going to the place doesn't need any planning or anything. It only takes 10 minutes for me to reach the place. I feel so blessed to have this silent sanctuary in Quezon City and not to mention, near our place!

Shoes: MKNY | Bag: Handmade (bought from a housewife hobbyist)
My usual purpose of visiting this place is for jogging when I have time in the morning hence the reason why I never got the chance to take photos of it. It would be a hassle bringing a camera with you especially when you’re moving here and there. My usual jogging essential consists of 3 things: Cellphone for important communication purposes, iPod Touch for music and camera as well and coin purse for my transportation money and impulse purchases. That day, my main purpose is to take photos of the place for this blog so I carry my digital camera with me but still, I wear an exercise appropriate number just in case. I'm a girl scout that way! 

The usual scenery in QMC every morning is people doing different exercises in every corner of the place. There are those who are running, dancing via Zumba, doing aerobics, boxingarnis, etc. I just love some random scenes that I have seen that day: a) Different breeds of dogs running together with their owners b) Zumba exercisers wearing hot pink shirts c) Sweet runner tandem d) A group of I think they are police or marine trainees who are doing morning exercise and e) A dog who is running alone on the track

My favorite part of this day is when I discover the free use of exercising equipment in one part of the park. Good thing I came in an exercise appropriate outfit even if my purpose is just to take pictures. Trusted Girl Scout instinct! I tried most of the equipment that was meant for abdomen exercise because that was my troubled area. I am planning to regularly visit the park every morning and spend 1-2 hours exercising while I am still unemployed. How I wish I can commit to be fit!

 Since I am alone, all I have done is took my usual selfie (haggard version!)! I normally ask BF to take a photo of me including my outfit but since it is a week day and he has to go to the office, sariling sikap muna ang pagpipicture ko sa sarili ko!

Sweating while breathing fresh air is definitely a perfect way to start the day! Just realized that having an outdoor gym can be that good because of this!

September 29, 2013

Neon and Print + Mobile Blogging

Guess what? I'm blogging on my iPod Touch! I recently discovered this Blogger app for Apple devices and downloaded it right away! I'm so curious yet excited because if ever this works really nice, it will be giving me a convenient blogging-on-the-go experience. So, the first post I'm going to share via this app is my outfit yesterday (where photos are already transferred on this device for Instagram posting purposes). 

I have a not so formal meeting yesterday so I opt for something fun and casual outfit. I've always been wanting to try the neon and print trend since it came out so yesterday was the day I finally tried it! And in my opinion, they are so good to wear together and I'm quite proud that I've pulled it off. 

As for the accessory, I kept it minimal by wearing a white watch and my currently favorite studded black bag from

Neon top from Romwe | Printed leggings from Romwe | Bag from Chicnova | Watch from Bazaar | White cardigan from Thrift Store | Shoes from Bazaar

September 26, 2013

Wily Wishlist #2

Another Wily Wishlist of mine is here! If you haven't know yet, Wily Wishlist is my wishlist of those uniquely-designed products I found in different online stores especially my online sponsors that aims to inform you the existence of these babies. I am a type of person that can easily be hyped with something unique and I know some of you is like me as well in this thing. The word "Wily" means crafty and artful that fits the description of uniquely-designed products I will be featuring in each list. This one is my second installment for this new blog segment and you can find my first wishlist here.

The first time I saw this Cloud Clutch, I died! More so when I saw that it is also available in black color. I can imagine wearing each color depending on the weather outside. White for the good weather since its cloud is always clear, and black for bad weather since its cloud is always dark.
Cloud Clutch ($36.50) from Front Row Shop

Who doesn't know Monster University and its cute character Mike Wazowski? Definitely not me! And to have his face printed on your sweater in candy color? YES please!

I have been a fan of food printed merchandise ever since. My love for food may be the one responsible for that! And I personally believe that these products are considered as fashion statements and this Ice Lolly backpack wouldn't be an exemption!
Washed Canvas Ice Lolly Print Backpack in Green ($99.00) from Chicnova

Another love of mine are pets especially cat, dogs and birds. And to have their cutie faces on your daily fashion routine? It will definitely a YES for me! I really love the color of this fox shoulder bag plus a pop of red color for the ribbon! So girly! Not to mention those battling eyelashes!

Owning this bag has been my dream since 2011 I think. I first saw it online and fell in love in it easily. But when it first came in the market, the price is relatively high for my budget so I was unfortunate to have it. Now that its production has increased, many online shops offer it at an affordable price and I will definitely getting one for myself soon, AT LAST!
Cartoon Owl Head Shoulder Bag ($28) from Oasap

 I hope these cute things have delighted you as well as I am! Just click on the product name so you can be directed on the website in case you are interested to own any of them. 

September 24, 2013

EDSA Shrine + OOTD

       Staying in a quiet and peaceful place has always been my simple joy. I don’t know, I really felt relieved and stress free whenever I go in these kinds of places. It seems like finding my inner peace and it felt like I am taking a retreat with God, and I am one with nature. It was my kind of chilling out without leaving the city. Quezon City Memorial Circle is where I first fondled this sentiment since it is the nearest “peaceful” place in our house. The second one is in Intramuros which is just an accidental discovery when my boyfriend took an exam on PLM (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila) situated beside this place.

Little did I know, there is an equally similar place in the heart of the busiest road in the metro, the EDSA. Hooray for another accidental discovery! Last weekend, boyfriend and I went to San Juan City to have my hair keratin treatment at David’s Salon Wilson branch. We then decided to stay at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas before we headed back to Cubao to meet our barkada. Before we come down from the jeepney, I ask him to take my outfit shot on the EDSA Shrine monument since I was using a sponsored bag from We saw bunch of people coming from a door beneath the monument and wondered what those people are doing from that place. To our surprise, we saw a diminutive shrine behind that door! Darn, we have gone in this city a thousand times yet this is the first time we knew that there is really a shrine under the historical EDSA Shrine monument! We stayed and prayed on that shrine for a couple of minutes then headed to the uppermost part of the place to do the picture taking. 

I was then surprised that a peaceful and quiet place will burst upon us considering it is beside EDSA! I love how ironic it is and I swore that I am now up in the hunt for more places like this over the metro!

Bag from Chicnova | Tie-dye top from Thrift store | Jeans from Crissa | Watch from Bazaar | Beaded bracelet from Boracay

What I also love in this place are the quotations all around it! Here’s an example but I failed to make it readable because the rain is falling down already. Anyway, here is what the quotation states:

If my people who call upon my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear them from heaven, and will forgive their sins and heal their land.”
- Chronicle 7:14

Another fun part in this place is its hidden passages that will lead you to stone stairs. This one’s so similar to that in Intramuros.

September 13, 2013

Parting Time

Parting time. Is my title sounds a bit emotional? Can you smell it? If yes, then you’re right. This is a fashion/beauty blog but still my personal blog. And this is where I am ranting about things most of the times but I’m making sure that the post is still on its line. Just like now. This is the outfit that I wore yesterday to meet up with my previous co-workers. Yes, previous, because I am now officially unemployed. I left my job exactly one week ago to start all over again. I thought it would be easy for me because I have been stressed by work and other factors about it for the last 8 months. I can say that leaving Motoworld is one thing I have thought-out seriously and I know in myself that I have do it for my own sake. But the hardest part in leaving the company is me being emotionally attached with my co-workers. It was so hard to leave your friends whom you have been together with from the start. I know we can still be friends even though I am not working there anymore, but it will still be difficult to pass each day without seeing them, eating with them or just crack jokes with them. I seriously enjoyed working with these people! If only those factors don’t exist, I may not have leave. L

Cardigan: En Face | Top: Wears Inc. | Shorts and belt: Thrifted | Sandals: Grendha

Now, enough for the drama and go for the main reason of this post, the outfit. I wore a simple laid-back outfit here consisting of my comfy ensemble: a loose top, cardigan and shorts. I originally planned to go for a black and white combo here but decided to put a pop of color in the last minute so instead of wearing a black cardigan (yes a cardigan is a must because I am wearing a sleeveless top here), I opt for green. I also traded my white rain shoes with this gold one to compliment the color of my cardigan. Gold and green belongs to earth color family that is why they look so good together. Lastly, I tucked my top in to bring a crisp in the outfit and throw on a gray belt which compliments the black and white combo.  

Ending this post with a photo with them yesterday. Thank you so much for the great experience! :’(

Wily Wishlist #1

Since I am becoming much blessed with online sponsors this past few months, I am frequently seen browsing among these gorgeous sites. No joke on this, almost all of my new sponsors carries so much of amazing fashion pieces! I can literally spend my whole day looking at their products without even noticing the time. And with that, I wanted to make those spent times meaningful by making Wily Wishlist that will contain crafty and artful products from different shops. The word “wily” meant the last two adjectives and so I have decided to name this new segment on my blog Wily Wishlist! This segment will contain my artful finds that I am not fortunate to get due to credit limits that is why it remained a “wishlist”. I will include the actual product links of each one plus its price so whenever you wanted to have on for yourself, you can directly go to the site by simply clicking the product name with its link.

I hope these cute things have delighted you as well as I am!

September 12, 2013

Hairless Armpits Talk + Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Wax Review

Hairless armpits is what we girls are always dreaming of. The humid temperature here in the Philippines can be one of the many reasons why we should give extra attention to the armpit area. Why? Because we tend to wear sleeveless tops and dresses that are exposing that delicate area most of the time. And with that, it is mandatory to keep it clean, smooth and most importantly, hairless every time.

Today, we have lots of options for our hair removal needs. We can pluck, shave, wax or use hair removal cream. I’m sure most of you have already tried these procedures. I used to shave my underarm area for the last 8 years, since I don’t really care that much about this issue because I am not fond of wearing any sleeveless attire until now. And when I do, I make sure that it was paired with cardigan, blazer or jacket to keep me comfortable. I don’t know, I feel almost naked when showing off my shoulder. But that was before. I am more conscious of my armpits now. Shaving could be the most effortless option to go since it gives quick results but the hair tends to go back within 12-24 hours. This is because the hair is only removed on the surface. Shaving can also result to a dark underarm area due to the harsh effect of blade on skin. Plucking can cause chicken skin so I didn't recommend it either.

I recently shift in waxing my underarms. Negative opinions in waxing have gave me a doubt to try it in the first place. They say that it was so painful and you wouldn't wanted to try it unless you can endure so much pain. But Ate Len have fade that wrong belief after she posted about underarm waxing in her blog. I then ask her about it and she definitely recommend this process than plucking or shaving. She guaranteed that it was less painful than I ever imagined and she even endorse Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Wax and a DIY waxing session every weekend.

The product includes 2 sticks and 4 strips of waxing cloth that you can use during the procedure. You also has an option to wax in cold or hot. I prefer the hot one because it was less painful than the cold one. The good thing about  Nanny Rose's Queen Bee wax is it is made with all-natural ingredients. I bought it at Watsons Drugstore for P75 (approximately $2) for this 100g and I believe it is available in most of their branches. It is also available in bigger bottles which may give you more savings. I prefer to buy smaller one since it was my first time to do it and it will just be under a trial period. Plus, you can use the whole 100g pretty much in 3 months or so, with a weekly frequency. Will I repurchase? Definitely, YES! For me it was a smart buy, only P75 for 3 months usage and hairless armpit?!

On to the process of waxing, I know everyone almost knew this but I am dedicating this to those that might wanted to try waxing in the future. Just steep the wax in hot water, leave it for 20-30 minutes (make sure that the consistency is almost like a water before taking it out). I recommend doing the process with someone that you will not be shy to take those unwanted hairs from your armpits. It may be easier that way than doing it all alone. Lie on a flat surface and lift your hands up, scoop some of the honey wax using the ice drop sticks provided with it and spread it on the underarm area with those unwanted hairs. Place the cloth strip over the wax and allow it to cool for 1-2 minutes. Once the wax has been slightly harden, pull the cloth strip on the opposite direction of the hair growth. I recommend applying baby powder on the area after the procedure to minimize irritation.