November 13, 2012

Sunday Stroll

Last Sunday night has been so great because I got a chance to amble with my boyfriend's siblings. It was me, Erickson, Allison, his Kuya Marko and Ate Imee at SM Mall of Asia. I miss doing this with his complete family!

After shopping, we headed to a car expo at MOA’s parking space. While Kuya Marko, Ate Imee and Erickson are busy going around, Allison and I took that chance to camwhore with our crazy selves! We look silly doing this in public but keri lang!

What I love with this girl is my craziness blends well with hers! Making faces, common outfits, same hairstyles, name it. That would be the reason why we are thought to be biological sisters when we're not. 

You can even see our reflections here. Camwhoring galore anyone? Anyway, I have written my blog name on this touchscreen gadget.

We had our dinner at Icebergs.  I honestly didn't expect that this store is serving dinner because whenever I am passing by it, desserts, desserts and desserts are what I am only seeing in their huge menu at the counter. You can never tell unless you have gone inside and eat on there. Haha. Seems like the other side of this table is camera shy so my camera just got a picture of me and Ate Imee.

Iceberg's famous Sisig with egg

Their Buffallo Wings are served with chips and  dip sauce.

Southern Style Fried Chicken. In fairness to Icebergs, their foods are so delicious! I am so full after our dinner! Thanks Kuya Marko and Ate Imee! ♥

Their Super Halo-Halo. It is literally "super" because it is so huge!

I hope to have more of this bonding moments with you guys soon! Thank you for the good time and good food! ♥


Kells said...

Lovely pictures! Even though I don't eat meat, that still looked pretty good! Lol! You look like you had a great time! I miss the mall! :]

katya said...

Very nice these photo .. i love ice cream :-)

Amrit Sinha said...

Beautiful clicks :-)

amayaT. said...

mmmmm delicioso!! :D

Besiitos desde amayaT.!

life is style said...

lovely pics, and food looks yummy :)

Calita Hin said...

lovely shots! yummy foodsssssss <3

Marla Singer said...

looks like you had a great day <3