June 16, 2013

OOTD: Philippine Independence Day

3 days ago, we have celebrated the 115th Philippine Independence Day. I used to appreciate this day during my school years but now that I am already working, holidays like this makes me look forward to have a vacation than reflection. I know this isn't right but I am working regularly 6 days a week, 7 days straight if I needed to attend a marketing event and no, I am not complaining. I am enjoying my work and the experience I am earning from it but my body and mind doesn't. I'm much more exhausted and burnout than my usual state so I can't blame my self. Rest assured, I'm much more satisfied with my first job.

Shoes and Shorts: Bazaar | T-shirt: Mogu Mogu Manila | Watch: Maxxe | Bag: Romwe
Moving on, this are the nail colors and outfit I wore last June 12. I basically want to replicate the colors of the Philippine flag which are red, blue, yellow and white and felt so happy when I realize that I have these bold colors on my closet. I rarely wear bold colors because it wouldn't blend well with my morena (fair) complexion but at least I proved that I am not afraid to wear them that's why I have them! And it is Independence day so I thought I have the freedom to wear what I want to wear? lol. 

My take on Independence Day manicure is this frosted colors of Philippine flag! No nail art / design done but I'm happy with the result. Besides, since they are all in bold colors, I thought being simple would be better.

And this is the whole look! I know, shameless mirror selfies are unforgivable but that's all I can do. First, I don't have someone to take my photo and second, if I will have one, I will always feel and look awkward while taking them. As I am always saying, I haven't learned on how to pose for a portrait shot in the camera and still didn't know when I will learn that. I hope it will be as soon as possible? Please? 

It was my first time also to wear this cutie Mogu Mogu Manila shirt and I really love it! I got lots of compliments wearing it and I am wanting to have them in every color! I have posted the closer look of it on Instagram that was the photo shown below. And if you haven't yet, please follow me @priscillajoycepardo!

That's all and I'll see you again next time! ♥


Justyna said...

nice look on summer ;-)

Filip and Kristel said...

Great how you did your nails.


New_York_City_Girl said...

WOW I LOVE the Colors...Looks great


Glen said...

Omg! I love those shooees!!

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