June 20, 2013

Going Straight Laminates

After finishing a bottle of Going Straight Laminates, I thought I already have the right to have a product review for it. Going Straight Laminates is sophisticated high-performing hair polish that prevents your hair from having split ends. It also improves and condition damaged hair and lock-in natural moisture. This was first introduced to me by their stylist in Going Straight SM Mall of Asia last September 2012 when I visited the salon to have my hair cut. The stylist told me that she could recommend GS Laminates as a solution for my dry-looking hair caused by split-ends. I admit, having a split ends is one of my major hair problems since it is spreading fast on all my hair strands whenever I had some that causes frizzy, dry and rough looking hair. Thinking of this hair state that I have that moment, I easily agreed to purchase the said hair polish for a price of PhP 185.00. It also smells pretty good! It reminds me of "pomada" that I am seeing before used by my grandparents. (I thought the smell was derived from it?)

I asked for some instructions on how, when and where will I use the product and this are what she instructed: (a) Apply the product on to your hair minutes after it has been dried when you wash your hair. (b) Put a tiny amount on your palm, warm it for a moment by rubbing them apply to the ends of your hair. (c) Whatever is left on your hands after concentrating on the ends could be applied on the crown of your hair

I am much more happy with the result since it leaves me with a split-ends-free hair. It also helps me a lot to protect my hair from the scorching heat of summer which is the number one cause of split ends. I recently repurchase another bottle and planning to continuously use it over the year.  

I know, this photo doesn't look good but it was my proof that I have used the product. Sorry for the messy-looking bottle. I am just throwing it on my dump bag every day that makes it scratched by all the things I have in there. And dump bags are used by me literally, that is why. lol.

For more details, you can visit Going Straight salon's website here or visit their Facebook or  Twitter.


Lubaina E. said...

I hope this product is available here in Pakistan. I could really use one. Thanks for putting it up here :)

Angela said...

I'm always scared to use oil on my hair in case it makes it greasy but I might try it to fix split ends!

Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

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