September 26, 2013

Wily Wishlist #2

Another Wily Wishlist of mine is here! If you haven't know yet, Wily Wishlist is my wishlist of those uniquely-designed products I found in different online stores especially my online sponsors that aims to inform you the existence of these babies. I am a type of person that can easily be hyped with something unique and I know some of you is like me as well in this thing. The word "Wily" means crafty and artful that fits the description of uniquely-designed products I will be featuring in each list. This one is my second installment for this new blog segment and you can find my first wishlist here.

The first time I saw this Cloud Clutch, I died! More so when I saw that it is also available in black color. I can imagine wearing each color depending on the weather outside. White for the good weather since its cloud is always clear, and black for bad weather since its cloud is always dark.
Cloud Clutch ($36.50) from Front Row Shop

Who doesn't know Monster University and its cute character Mike Wazowski? Definitely not me! And to have his face printed on your sweater in candy color? YES please!

I have been a fan of food printed merchandise ever since. My love for food may be the one responsible for that! And I personally believe that these products are considered as fashion statements and this Ice Lolly backpack wouldn't be an exemption!
Washed Canvas Ice Lolly Print Backpack in Green ($99.00) from Chicnova

Another love of mine are pets especially cat, dogs and birds. And to have their cutie faces on your daily fashion routine? It will definitely a YES for me! I really love the color of this fox shoulder bag plus a pop of red color for the ribbon! So girly! Not to mention those battling eyelashes!

Owning this bag has been my dream since 2011 I think. I first saw it online and fell in love in it easily. But when it first came in the market, the price is relatively high for my budget so I was unfortunate to have it. Now that its production has increased, many online shops offer it at an affordable price and I will definitely getting one for myself soon, AT LAST!
Cartoon Owl Head Shoulder Bag ($28) from Oasap

 I hope these cute things have delighted you as well as I am! Just click on the product name so you can be directed on the website in case you are interested to own any of them. 


Valentina said...

Amazing list, love the last bag!

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