September 13, 2013

Parting Time

Parting time. Is my title sounds a bit emotional? Can you smell it? If yes, then you’re right. This is a fashion/beauty blog but still my personal blog. And this is where I am ranting about things most of the times but I’m making sure that the post is still on its line. Just like now. This is the outfit that I wore yesterday to meet up with my previous co-workers. Yes, previous, because I am now officially unemployed. I left my job exactly one week ago to start all over again. I thought it would be easy for me because I have been stressed by work and other factors about it for the last 8 months. I can say that leaving Motoworld is one thing I have thought-out seriously and I know in myself that I have do it for my own sake. But the hardest part in leaving the company is me being emotionally attached with my co-workers. It was so hard to leave your friends whom you have been together with from the start. I know we can still be friends even though I am not working there anymore, but it will still be difficult to pass each day without seeing them, eating with them or just crack jokes with them. I seriously enjoyed working with these people! If only those factors don’t exist, I may not have leave. L

Cardigan: En Face | Top: Wears Inc. | Shorts and belt: Thrifted | Sandals: Grendha

Now, enough for the drama and go for the main reason of this post, the outfit. I wore a simple laid-back outfit here consisting of my comfy ensemble: a loose top, cardigan and shorts. I originally planned to go for a black and white combo here but decided to put a pop of color in the last minute so instead of wearing a black cardigan (yes a cardigan is a must because I am wearing a sleeveless top here), I opt for green. I also traded my white rain shoes with this gold one to compliment the color of my cardigan. Gold and green belongs to earth color family that is why they look so good together. Lastly, I tucked my top in to bring a crisp in the outfit and throw on a gray belt which compliments the black and white combo.  

Ending this post with a photo with them yesterday. Thank you so much for the great experience! :’(


Jen27 said...

What a fun outfit! Love that cardigan. Glad you got to celebrate with your co-workers. Good luck with the next stage! xo


New_York_City_Girl said...

Cute Outfit, and I LOVE your Hair

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