April 25, 2013

Summer 2013: Neon Tips Trend

As we know, summer is all about wearing the craziest colors from your head to toe. I mean, when you wear them on rainy days or spring, it would create an unusual feel. But try wearing it on summer and you'll see, everything will wear it! And speaking of crazy colors, will there be any crazier colors than NEONS? For me there's not. And I am surely taking this opportunity to rock them on from clothes to nails! 

But since I am at the office 6 days per week, I am keeping these neon in a subtle wearable mode. I cut my nails short and wear this Klik Nail Polish in Neon Green at the tip of my nails. Tadaaa! A summer trend that you can rock even in formal or casual days. Yay!


Chrissie said...

Love :) is a great idea!

Greets from the

Akila said...

Wow simply amazing

Jen27 said...

Ooh, you did a great job with these! They are so colourful and fun :)



Giulia Tomaselli said...

Love this post! Follow me if you want! xoxo www.cf-fashion.blogspot.it

jessica-anne said...

Your french tips are done perfectly!! Love the neon tips idea, I always mix up my french mani with colours other than pink and white, so I want to try neon tips now! I'm thinking neon pink ;)

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