April 10, 2013

Summer 2013: Tagaytay Photo Diary

Are you also feeling the scorching heat of summer lately? Temperature gets up to 37 degrees here in the Philippines and the heat can totally be intolerable! We do have different choices on how to escape the unendurable hotness of weather and keep yourself warm. Opt to raid the beaches/ resorts and play with water all day! If you have time, visit the most elevated cities in our country where climate is usually cold, you will never go wrong with Baguio. But if your busy schedule won’t allow you to have a vacation, try to go to the most accessible places where you can get the same result. Go for Antipolo or Tagaytay instead.

 We opt to visit the latter last Sunday and it was a great experience! It is also a dream come true for me, thanks to my boyfriend's family! I was mesmerized with great scenery in the city, it was peaceful and relaxing to be close to nature!

Our first stop is the Pink Sisters Convent. You will be greeted by huge pine trees upon entering the premises. The photo above is just so serene! Pine trees + church + blue sky = perfect!

This church is the Convent of Divine Mercy, but it was popularly known as Pink Sisters Convent. Why is it known in that name? It is because you will find nuns dressed in pink kneeling in front of the alter during the mass, or reading churchgoer's petitions (of course, I didn't miss the chance and wrote mine too!). Those pink sisters are behind a metal railings inside the church. They say that one should not disturb the solemn prayers of them, that is why the railings are putted behind them.

This is me camwhoring with the church and those gorgeous pine trees. Yey for my shallow happiness. I know, I know!

For the outfit, I opt for a neutral ensemble. I also make sure that I wear a long-sleeve top because I know the sun will kill me (contradicting right? but I am pertaining to sunlight not to heat. ;)) Anyhow, I keep the bottom warm by wearing a shorts. I throw on a violet jelly shoes and a mint backpack from Romwe for a pop of color.

After attending the mass, we headed to Green ATS Bulalohan and Restaurant which showcases the breath-taking view of Tagaytay's famous Tall volcano!

Our cottage was just behind a precipice, I'm thankful that I don't have much fear of heights. You can see the city's skyline over it, and that was just well,  a piece of HEAVEN! Those shadows are clouds from above, and they are covering few spots. Also, if you can see the highest point of the place in this picture, there  is where the new Sky Ranch is situated. I will have a separate blog post for that soon! 

It was a short but priceless experience Tagaytay. I know I will get back again and have the luxury of time and money to enjoy the city!


Jen27 said...

Gosh, I've been so longing for summer (weather is still pretty wintry here in Canada), and these photos really make me want some warmer weather! So bright and colourful :)



Patricia said...

Nice pics!