April 19, 2013

Summer 2013: Purple Rainbow

It's summer time! It's about time to take all those crazy colors and prints our of your closet! We all have an excuse to wear them all out this season so let's get it on! Hooray for summer!

I got this pretty purple dress earlier in November last year and have reserved it for our Boracay outing but sadly, it didn't come in time. So I kept it for long while I am looking for the best time to wear it. Now here's summer that is giving me the passport and telling me to go "gaga" over this beautiful number. What did I do? Of course, I'm much more willing to obey! (teheeee!) I wore it on our family outing, just throw on a sandals and a boho-like bag in its color family and voila! I'm now ready for beach!

I also love how it came in a bohemian cut which is another plus! Flowy dress like these are so "in" this summer! Thank you so much Sammy Dress!


Mikki Stardust said...

The colors on the dress are really pretty. Hope you had fun at the beach


One Stiletto At A Time said...

Very pretty :)



Champagne Star said...

I love wearing summery clothes, the only problem is that although it's mid April, it still feels a little like winter where I live. Oh well!

Jen27 said...

What a fun, colourful dress! So perfect for summer and easy to wear :)



bestrong said...

amazing outfit :)
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Sabina Supernova said...

That's such a cute dress, it's very bold! :)


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Savannah said...

you look awesome!

New_York_City_Girl said...

Cute Outfit