October 16, 2013


I’m a self-proclaimed comfort lover when it comes to fashion. I have mentioned that a million times in this blog and I think this is one thing that will not be missing in my preference in dressing up. I mean, who wouldn’t love to be comfortable right? Well admit it, there will be those days when you would choose to stand and walk all day in sky-high heels but those days of trading it with a good pair of comfort flats should be more than the former. It’s just a matter of dressing up and dressing down in different ways, or the right choice of design and colors.

Top: Jacob Annexe | Bag: Chicnova | Shorts and Watch: Thrifted | Sandals: Chelsea
 That’s what I have in mind when I bought these pair of Chelsea sandals. I spotted it on SALE at 50% off at SM City Cubao and didn’t have the second thought to buy it right away! Opportunities like these are rarely hitting your way so once you come across it, grab it right away! (Did I just sounds like carpetbagger here? Well I think I do! And girls on tight budget I know you can feel me here! Haha!) These sandals are originally priced at PhP399 (approximately $10) but I got it at only PhP199 (approximately $5)! What a steal! I also love how it comes in perfect gray shade that you can pair it with formal dresses, jeans, skirts or even shorts for a casual day like what I did here! Talk about dressing up and dressing down a fashion piece! I am also surprised that it came in a very good condition despite being on sale Well, most stores are selling items at low prices and putting it on sale firstly because it was damaged or what, but I think these Chelsea sandals are merely on clearance and not the other way around.  

Too bad I can’t find the brand’s presence online so all I can say is it is available at SM Department Stores because that’s where I had mine. This is not a sponsored post.

Edit (Oct 20,2013; 10:30pm): I am now disappointed and will recoup all that I have said above about the quality of this sandals. I've got troubled with it just last night, Saturday (Oct. 19, 2013), on my 3rd time to use this (yes, just 3rd time!) while I am on my way to the wake of my friend's mother. The sole of my sandals have separated with its body after I drop off from the bus. It was a disaster considering I was just half-way on my way there, plus it was already 9:45pm, it was impossible to find any store open that is selling footwear that can be a replacement to this disaster one. I was ideally located in having a second thought to go back home and change, or go on in the place of wake. But either of the two won't make any sense of relieve since the sandals I am wearing is already useless.  So I was left with no choice but bear with my now broken sandals and be as resourceful as I can to survive this disgrace. Good thing I bring 2 hair ties with me that night! I wrap it on the sandals to keep the sole and the body intact until I, together with my boyfriend and another guy friend reach the jeepney station. After dropping off from the jeepney, we needed to cross a footbridge and walk a little far to get to the chapel so it will be another disaster. But my boyfriend suggested that they will buy a super glue or any remedy for my sandals while I am waiting in the nearest fast food chain for them to come back. God! I was so thankful I am with them! Finally, they came back in a couple of minutes with a super glue and it has given me so much relieved. I swear not to wear this sandals anymore and is now planning to throw it away due to so much disappointment and mortification.


Cielo said...

Yay for comfort. Hahaha :)


Marlena said...

would you like to follow each other?
just let me know

two birds said...

they are both cute and comfy...you can't go wrong!

Charu Sharma said...

very cute..and you look lovely :)

aki! said...

I don't have any sandals quite like that!

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