October 22, 2013

Dandy Like Gandy

Chambray is another fashion trend that I haven’t crossed out of my bucket list yet until I came up with this look a few days ago. For me, having a chambray top or button down like what I’m wearing here is one basic wardrobe must-have for every girl. You can literally come up with so many different styles with it! Pair it with colored pants for a crisp and playful look like what I’ve done here, or with a floral pencil skirt for a playful corporate look, with a shorts and t-shirt for a casual day or with a maxi skirt for some boho feel. Name it, there are so much more possibilities to wear it other than the ways I have mentioned!

Top: True Love | Pants: Reborn | Bag: Chicnova | Watch and Shoes: Thrifted
I was quite satisfied on how I pulled out this number. As I was browsing the internet yesterday, I saw SM Men’s Fashion's post about David Gandy, hot British supermodel who’s known to be one of sexiest, most influential and successful male models in the world. He is coming to Manila for Philippine Fashion Week on October 24, 2013 and SM Men’s Fashion is hosting an exclusive invites giveaway encouraging you to post your “Gandy-fied” style. I was thrilled and got curious so I googled some images of Gandy. Then I found a photo of him wearing almost the same number as this one!

Chambray shirt:  (Okay, he’s not really wearing a button down rather a jacket but it looks almost the same! :P)
Colored pants: ✓  Black shoes: 

Great minds think alike maybe? :D


Petra said...

Great outfit. Love the color of your pants. My favorite color for fall.
have a great day.
xo, Petra


Puzia . said...

nice :))


Anonymous said...

what a cool casual look!!

Be sure to enter my blog giveaway to win a $50 Giftcard to House of Boutiques!
XO Sahra
Que Sera, Sahra

Am2Pm Chic said...

You look super cute, love the easy vibe of this look, and David Gandy is SO handsome.


Jen27 said...

Great outfit! Love the shade of those jeans. You look so nice! xo



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