October 30, 2012

Guilty Pleasure 23

Holiday vacation is fast approaching and I am already thinking of what to do with my 2-day break from work including the things that I can do to improve this blog. And today I'll be taking a hiatus of feeding you with my personal life posts for two reasons: first, yes, I admit, my personal life is quite boring because I am not a type of girl that can explore the world and show what here what I got simply because I can't afford it so I need to provide an ice breaker and that is FOOD! and second, because a foolish me left my flash drive at the office where I store my files that I supposedly be blogging now. So just treat your eyes with these Guilty Pleasures and JOIN MY GIVEAWAY if you haven't yet.

Which one is your favorite?
All photos are not mine. Credits to the respective owners.
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October 29, 2012

Pink and Blue Nail Stripes

Tape manicure has been so popular in today's fashion and nail trends. In no doubt, it will still invade the future trends. Why not right? It can give life in any boring nails and you can even create the craziest, weirdest manicure when you have them. Today's nail will be my second attempt on tape manicure. The first one was my first ever nail art, who turned out to be something plain but I am proud of it. You can see it here. :)

Here are the products/things that I've used in this nail art: Careline Classic Nail Polish, O.P.I Top Coat, Caronia Nail Hardener & Base Coat, blue electrical tape and a scissor

Tape manicures are usually done placing the tape on each nails and removing it after painting your desired design. I can't find a clear scotch tape and so this electrical tape just came in handy. I already painted my nails pink then until I noticed that these two colors will be a great combo so I decided not to do the usual tape manicure. Instead, I cut it in small strip to create the stripes. And tadaaa! Instant nail art! I just love the combination of blue and pink!

I sealed it in with top coat so it won't strip off when I wash my hands or take a bath. Top coats are really effective in sealing nail designs I may say!

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October 28, 2012

Week in Photos

It's Sunday again! And Sunday is rest day so it's blogging day! Yey! Today I'll be posting the photos that I got in this week. I am quite busy at work so most of them are not fashion related at all. Yeah, I admit, being busy in work makes me more indolent to dress-up and accessorize or even put make-up on. This always frustrates me but I have to face it because I'm in the real world now and not a student anymore that depends on my parent. I need to earn money of my own now! But I still need to satisfy my need as a woman, through fashion and make-up. Time will come and I will overcome all of these. I know! Back to my Week in Photos,

I don't know why I've bought these. I just craved with some snacks last night and here's what I got! My favorite Dutch Mill yoghurt drink in Blueberry, Del Monte Pineapple juice for baby and a 4 finger Kitkat that we've shared together. Yum!

 Got some pasalubong from our supervisors from their Malaysia trip. I got a matching color of coin purse and chocolate!

 Took a photo while at work. You can tell the dosage of my "to-do" things from the "banderitas" (sticky notes) up above my head. I am listing them on a paper and sticks them on top of my table so when I look up, I know what I need to do. I think I got this habit during school days when I am thinking about something during tests and recitations, I will look up as if the answer is on the ceiling. I know I'm not the only one who do this, and I miss being a student! :,(

 Bingo Orange Cookie Sandwich and pastillas for merienda! Matching colors again. Orange!

 Finally got a cellphone. Yeah, I know this is not a kind of phone that should be blogged because it isn't one those expensive smartphones but mind you, this will be my first time to have a phone again after 3 years! So primitive right? But at least I survived the technological change with the internet alone. :)

 My boyfriend and his sister Allison is having a bonding moment with their dachshund dog, Kopi in this picture. I just love this sweet and crazy dog! I got a lot of pictures of them and thinking of posting it here. Should I? >.< 

 Having a lunch at the office in my messy desk while browsing my Facebook profile. So many pictures of us is there! ♥

Deciding on what nail color to wear with these bare nails cause it's #ManicureMonday tomorrow! As I am posting this, I have decided what color to wear. Hint: Girly

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October 27, 2012

Blow a Rainbow x Rire Giveaway!

It's weekend! I should be posting my Week in Photos today but I think a giveaway post is better to start the weekend. This will be my second blog giveaway and my second collaboration with RireThank you for the continued trust Rire! If you haven't heard of this online shop, Rire is an online clothing boutique dedicated to sharing quality apparel and accessories to women all over the world. They offer a handpicked selection of trendy but great quality apparel to meet the needs of those looking for something more.   

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October 26, 2012

Sister Style: Romper and Colors

Since I am planning to fill this blog with a more personal posts, I've decided to add another segment which I will call "Sister Style" that features my future sisters-in-law. Today I will be featuring Allison, which is my boyfriend's sister, and her outfit-of-the-day.

She is actually wearing a romper here but not that usual romper that has the same print in top and bottom. I love pieces like this that looks like two when they're just actually one because you can easily dress them up or down depending on how you need them. Imagine wearing it with a decent blazer and a close shoes, and you just opt for a formal, business attire. Wear it with a cardigan and flats, and you just did a staple Sunday/ picnic outfit. There are so many possibilities! It is just a matter of mixing and matching!
But Allison go for a more casual, comfy outfit here by wearing the piece as it is and match it with a flat strap sandals. Patterns in the top of the romper and her sandals gave some spice in the whole outfit.

And since the colors have been neutral, it is best to pile on simple yet colorful accessories! Here, bracelets and sunnies have been her accessories of choice.

I love the gradient effect on this Vans shades! It just popped-up a colorful statement with it's pink, violet, purple, blue and turquoise hue!

Thanks Allison
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October 23, 2012

Week in Photos

It's Tuesday, and hey! I will be posting these photos just now?! Well, that is because I have spend half of my week being confined in bed. That is also why I got only five pictures to post. But I am posting it anyway. It is better late than never after all. And thank God I am alright now. ♥

Wore an abstract shirt and an abstract nails. This shirt don't actually belong to me. It was my boyfriend's sister's property. I just borrow it and I am saying this because posting myself wearing it will look like I own this. Thanks  Kim! ♥

This was after I slightly recovered from being sick. Got a Saturdate with my boyfriend. We went to Mall of Asia, window shop, bought a cellphone and eat at Wendy's. Yes, i got a new cellphone and I may be including that on my next Week in Photos post.

Found these little cuties again! They actually came from my little lipbalm collection. I am thinking of posting them here soon. Should I? :)

Posted my DIY Tank Top tutorial. I just love how it turned out. :)

While working for my Manicure Monday post last week. I stumbled upon this inspiring page in my planner. Little details like this makes me love my planner more! Not only it is always in handy, it inspires me as well in the time I needed it! Just like in here. I am composing a blog post and get inspired easily. Life is so great!

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October 22, 2012

News Nails

 Today is Manicure Monday! It is nice to be back in blogging from almost 4 days of being confined to bed because of sick. I have missed many things to do because of that and one of those is updating this blog! But thank God nothing fatal has happened and I feel well now. Back to Manicure Monday, this week’s nails are a recreation of newspaper nails. Since I didn't find any newspaper when doing it, I decided to use an old encyclopedia, which I ask permission with my boyfriend’s sister first since it was their property and not mine. And I’ll still call this news nails since it also bears information.

 To do this, you will need the following: An alcohol (Preferably 70% Solution), a white nail polish, a top coat, and a newspaper or a book in my case.

 First, paint all your nails white. I have used OMG Nail Polish in White Out here.

 Then, in a container, add a few drops of alcohol and dip your nails on it. You can also drop it directly in your nails. Be sure to cover the whole nail.

 Next, quickly pat on a small portion of the page on your nails before the alcohol gets dry. Press and hold it tight for 10 seconds. I ask help from my sister here so I can take a picture of it with my other hand, but you can always do it yourself! Thanks as always Ate Enei! ♥ (Sorry for the wrong camera focus! ;D)

 Peel off the page and Tadaaaa! you have transferred the print  on your white nails!

 Do the same steps with the rest of your nails. I suggest using a 70% solution alcohol so the print will be clearly visible. Don't forget to add your top coat to seal in your design and have a beautiful shine!

I am thinking of cutting my nails short after making this manicure. You will see  what I have decided next Monday. :)
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October 16, 2012

Fashion Revamp: T-shirt to Tank Top

Scissors has been my best friend ever since. Why? Because I always have a heart for crafts. Anything artistic related in cutting really interests me.  I remember getting high grades in arts during elementary and high school because of my habit of cutting out papers. Until now that I am full grown-up, I still attached in this habit of cutting out almost anything that I want to get in my scissor’s teeth. One evidence is today’s revamped shirt, cut out to make it a tank top.

I got this t-shirt almost 5 years ago as an exchange gift back in our 4th year high school Christmas party. It was one shirt that I won’t mind to let go in case this experiment doesn't end up great because a far from being old, it got some stain in lower center part. Yes, you've heard this was an experiment. I haven’t sure of doing this and I just give it a try. It turned out pretty good so I think I could give it another try next time! All you need is a shirt, a scissor and a tie or even a remnant of clothes just like what I use.

Cut out the neckline of your shirt followed by the sleeves. Cut outside of the sleeve lines. Imagine the shape of a sando when doing this part.

Get a tie or a remnant of cloth. The one I am using here is a ribbon from one of my top. Tie the back part of the shirt just as shown in the picture below.

And that's it! Your new tank top is ready! It just took me 3 minutes to do this. Easy right?

Time to fit it of course! I am not really wearing sleeves tops because I personally don't like what my shoulder and arms looks like when wearing it so. #inferioritycomplex

 Just in case you're like me that wants to look great in a tank top, it'll depend on how toned your arms are! I found the image below just this morning that rings my mind for a right timing because I am posting this DIY Tank Top tutorial! To help shape your arms for pretty sleeveless tops, try the following exercises! 

This image is not mine. Credits to the owner.

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