October 15, 2012

Straw Stain Nails

It's Manicure Monday! I've promised on my Blue and Silver Nails post last week that I will be posting something about my nails every first day of the week since I will be calling it "Manicure Monday". Luckily, I am keeping that promise this week! Hope I can continuously keep it in the coming weeks also (cross-fingers*) This week's nails is inspired by London Olympics because of these circles looping each other or I may say, an abstract artwork which has been a new nail trend that literally uses your nails as canvass by coloring it white and painting on it.

I will call it Straw Stain Nails since I have achieved this design by dipping a straw in colored-nail polishes and dabbing that on my nails. 

I have used a total of 6 bottles of nail polishes here: 4 colored nail polished here, a white base and a top coat.

First, paint all your nails white. I use OMG nail polish in White Out here. In case you don’t have white nail polish, you can make use of any light –colored polish where the design can still be visible. I suggest using pastels or maybe, considering using your correction fluid. Just kidding. J

Then, put some drops of colored nail polishes in a flat container, in my case I just use a small plastic bag laid down on the floor.

Take a straw and dip it into colored polish then place it on your white nails to draw on some circles. Repeat the same process with the rest of your nails until your desired amount of design have been achieved. I recommend using both sides of the straw and cutting it in small pieces because you will only need the tip for each color.

Don’t forget to add your top coat to seal in your design and add a beautiful shine on your nails.

Nail Polishes used: (L-R) O.P.I. Top Coat, Careline nail colors which I don't know the exact label because it isn't indicated, OMG nail polishes in Bikini, First Date and White Out

I hope you have liked this mini tutorial. I am not a pro but maybe I could post a better one in the future.

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Sarange said...

love how you do it on your own babe...

LOVE J said...

Following you back on GFC and BLOGLOVIN, thank you so much for following me! btw great nail polish design! xx


Stephanie Harrison said...

so awesome, love these nails!


Unknown said...

What a cool design! Thank you



Soundy Manuel said...

cuute! a must try! tehe.. anyhoo, thanks for visiting and following my blog! followed you now also :))



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely tutorial! The nails look amazing! I look forward to your next nail post!! :D

Unknown said...

Love this idea! They look great!


Unknown said...

this is so nice! great!

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Calita Hin said...

thanks for sharing this is great!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! I love it!
Thanks for your sweet comment I'm also your new follower)))

Antía Rebuscando en el Armario said...

wow!!! nice manicure!!


K. Elise said...

Thanks for commenting. Nice nails, I like your blog :)

Dusty Petals said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. Such a clever and unique idea. Love it and can't wait to try it.

Caro * said...

Fabulous nail art, you are talented :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

gorgeous x

Of the comely said...

Well done. My hands are not steady enough to do something like that. Lucky you :)

Felicia Tan said...

that's really cute and creative :) love it x


Jen27 said...

Wow, this looks really pretty! Love the pattern and the colours you chose. Great job! :)



Sere said...

wow!!! cute!!! so sweet!

Unknown said...

cute nails! thanks for sharing :)

agasuitcase said...

What a cool manicure! Love it!

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Chelsea said...

Looove your nails! Ohhh!

fabulouspetite said...

Oh i love this nails. Great job.


Unknown said...

How innovative! Love how you used a simple straw to create such an intricate design. :)


Stevie said...

thank you for your comment!!great post!!!wanna follow each other??

Anonymous said...

Very cute manicure!! Love the result, very creative :)
Thanks for sharing!

no. said...

oooooh so cute idea :D


Anonymous said...

Love your nails!

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maryaestudio said...

It's amazing! I try to do this!!


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

What a cool effect!

The Pink Flamingo said...

Hi! what a great idea, I like it! ;-)

The Fashion Philosophy said...

So pretty!

ox from NYC!


Chp_dzn said...

Hey Priscilla! You've got such a lovely blog!
Your blog oozes simplicity which is so charming!
Love your nail art! And you've got such a pretty smile!
Would love to follow you!
Hope you do the same. :)


A Very Sweet Blog said...

that's very unique! they came out beautiful!

Unknown said...

Ohhhhhhh Excellent idea!!!

Skinny said...

Wow what a creative way of doing a manicure- good job!!

Champagne Star said...

Actually, when I first saw the design I thought it would be unbelievably complicated, but this is so simply, and looks amazing when it's finished!

Grimilde said...

Cute! I like your nail art!

M.E said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! cool mani!


Cindy said...

This is seriously so cool! Definitely trying it out :)

Levande said...

Nice ♥♥ I follow you, follow you back ?

Anonymous said...

Very cool!


x Riëlle

kala said...

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kala said...

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Run With Fashion said...

Looove the nail tutorial! I love the design idea, so neat! :)
I love the white polish, and lol at correctiod fluid :D lol

Thanks so much for your comment on my fall essential post! :)

Unknown said...

Hey that was cool!

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