August 26, 2013

Sultry Red Nails

It’s Manicure Monday again! Luckily I got the chance to have another nail-related post today since it’s a holiday (Oh, how I love August for having so much holidays in it!). And holiday for me means celebration since I would have an extra time to do whatever I wanted to do including my rarely update on this blog. And to call for the celebration, I painted my nails red! Red, to many, can stand for a lot of things but today this is the definition I choose. Red is for celebration and festivity! After all, we are celebrating the National Heroes day today which marks the valor of our Filipino heroes that fought for our country’s independence. Red symbolizes their courage too!

  This was my second time to paint my nails red but it was the first time that I felt my nails sexy. Instant sexy nails? Did that made any sense? Haha! Maybe it was because of the sultry tone of this one, we all know that being sexy is describe as sultry and that could be the reason why I achieved an instant sexy nail feel.  I first thought of having a simple nail art today like I promised in my last posts but when I tried this color, I know nail art would not be needed because the color itself can stand out on its own. To catch up with that, I intentionally get my striped t-shirt to resemble a nautical vibe for these nails. And seeing the photos, I know I succeed!

True nautical nails will come next I swear! I was inspired enough by cutepolish on Youtube that I wanted to replicate her cute version of nautical manicure! And this sultry red color would be perfect for that!

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Shannon Boyce said...

Love this colour!

New_York_City_Girl said...

Love the color, love the Bottle Design :)
p.s.: please-vote-for-my-outfit, check it out :)

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