March 4, 2013


This outfit is what I wore last night for a family dinner with my boyfriend's family. Since I am too lazy to dress up and afraid of being overdress, I choose to wear a simple number in one hue, which is black. I choose a sequined top with lots of sparkles over it and pair it with a silvery black shorts to give an edge to a classic all black ensemble. I just throw on another sparkly bling necklace and I'm good to go!


Arra A. said...

Very classy!


Amrit Sinha said...

This is nice!!!

Jen27 said...

Love the sequins on the top and the sheen to the shorts. So pretty! :)


Grace and Joan said...

Lovely outfit, very classy...I'm jealous that its still far too cold to wear sometjing like that in England at the moment