January 4, 2013

I'm Back to Reading

Reading has been my passion ever since. I remember myself snapping on my sister's notes during our elementary days checking on what she'd up to in her day at school. Library have been my place-to-go during my free time in high school. I must admit, reading has contributed so much knowledge to me. I remember being one-step higher with my collegiate during school class because I was equipped with the information I have read. I would love to read anything back then. Newspaper, books, pocketbooks, comic strips, journals, name it and I will read them all. Until this passion disappeared, just when I needed it most. College life has been a "self-study era" and that is when I got tired and sick of reading.. I don't know.

  Until just recently, something urge me to bring back this passion and be back in reading again. I want to start of with something refreshing, something far from anything that stresses me. Romance novels are my best option to run in this case. I used to read Tagalog romance stories in pocketbooks before and they never fail to make my imagination gone wild. And now that I am starting in reading again, I choose to start it in English for some challenge. ;)

I got these 2 Intrigue Breathtaking Romance Suspense from BookSale at SM City Sucat. It was Midnight Disclosures by Rita Herron and  Christmas Confessions by Kathleen Long. I am reading these during daily journey to work and back home.

I got them for only PhP42 each! ($1). Plus, the latter only costs me in a discounted price of PhP35. You could see that these books are already used but who cares? In my own opinion, what matters most in a book is its content. Presentation/packaging will just come secondly. BookSale is offering used books at very cheap prices and it is really a great place for affordable reading!  I might buy more books after I read these 2! ♥


Arra A. said...

I love Booksale, too! You will definitely find great books there! That's good that you're reading again! Don't stop that passion! :)


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love reading...I wish more people took the time to read books...it needs to continue...keep reading doll :) xx

Ángela Liceth said...

Te acabo de encontrar y los outfits son geniales!
Un besito desde Las Islas Canarias, te espero en http://enendele.blogspot.com.es/ y sígueme si te gusto!

Unknown said...

I am so like this I love reading until last year with all the University Thesis and exams I find myself in.
I am back to reading too in 2013 and have ordered some books from ebay, I am also using the books Rory Gilmore read in the series as a kind of challenge.