August 5, 2012

Buck the Bank Holiday

With the Queen’s Jubilee coming up, it feels like it’s the only thing we've been reading about since the beginning of the year. If the hype is not doing anything for you, here are some Bank Holiday alternatives for a different way to celebrate the four-day weekend.

Take advantage of everyone else being preoccupied by the royal pageant around the Thames. Head into the city to check out the exhibitions you’ve been waiting to see, but have been avoiding due to the masses. Regular tourist attractions should be a touch quieter than they would usually be, so if you’re completely uninterested in the royal element of the Bank Holiday, now is the time to tick all those things off your to-do list.

Head out of town. Although Bank Holiday prices are usually sky-high, there are still last-minute offers available. And with most people getting involved in street parties and festivals in the city, especially in London, there are sure to be deals available on country hotels. If your budget can’t stretch to a weekend away, spend a day outside the festive madness – take a walk in the country or head to your nearest beach. For sporty ladies, take advantage of the time off to go for a long country run or bicycle ride – gear up properly with Puma trainers from

For more information about these gorgeous shoes, you can click here.

Find an alternative festival. Battersea Park may be sold out, but there are loads of other events going on. Try the Apple Cart festival in Hackney for some chilled out fun in the park – without the Jubilee fanfare.

Really want to escape? Check out last-minute deals on city breaks in Europe, banking on the fact that most people will be staying in the UK for the Jubilee. Last-minute deals can be incredibly cheap, and with four days to play with, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and thoroughly enjoy the long weekend.

Hold your own non-Jubilee party in your garden. We don’t mean you need to burn the Union Jack, but a party for the sake of a party is never a bad thing. If you feel like being really different, why not host a Mexican-themed party? Sombreros, margaritas and tacos will be the perfect accompaniments to an afternoon in the sun – hopefully!


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