February 11, 2016

Mister Kabab

Frequenting in nearby food places and trying out different dish has been a habit with colleagues throughout 2015. Sharing thoughts and talks over a dining table? Why not, right? 

One fine noon, we've tried Mister Kabab near our office (West Ave. branch) for a Persian-inspired lunch and I must say that it was worth a try! All the meal we ordered are flavorful and tasty! Things I love about Mister Kabab includes their barely-furnished open-air place (that's perfect for a chill chitchats) and rice served with butter! ♥

Special Chicken Chelo Kabab - P155.00
Sizzling Keema - P150.00
Special Beef Chelo Kabab - P160.00
My personal fave! ♥ Yoghurt Shake (sweet/salty) - P65.00
The gang! Sad that half of this group have left already but we can always re-visit this place soon to have our chillout chitchats! :)

You can visit Mister Kabab's Facebook page and website.

February 10, 2016

Comfort Zone

Finally posting my first blog entry for 2016 after asfjhjahwms years! Honestly, updating this blog has been crossed out on my priority list on the past months and that, oh well, sucks. Being focused on day and night job (while trying to keep my social life, though I fail sometimes) has been the highlight of my life lately. But I might need to challenge myself to keep everything running and stay out of my comfort zone (cross-fingers, I can do this!)

Polo shirt: Red Girl | Dress: Marks & Spencer (old) | Bag: Mumi Bag (Instagram) | Sandals: SM Parisian

July 17, 2015

Jose Rizal Shrine

Today is holiday! -- And to most employees like me, it's long weekend (but not for me L ) but at least I had a chance to squeeze the things I need to do today, including updating this blog.

These photos are taken last April during the Holy Week where we visited Jose Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Laguna on Easter Sunday. The place is yet another sanctuary in my list -- a place I would choose to go if I need to breathe some fresh air. I wore a casual 3S (shirt + shorts + slippers) combo  to keep myself comfy during the day.