December 2, 2012

Week in Photos

It's long weekend! I finally find a time to rest after last week's all-out work! I actually think and plan the things that I would do to maximize my long weekend but I have done just 50% of them. I devoted my time in sleeping like there's no tomorrow because this is where I am lacking of. And I am so happy with the result! The feeling's great since I don't feel sleepy at all. To top this happiness up, I am sharing my photos that made up my whole week.

My Monday coffee. It's Kopiko Kopiccino! Super yummy and creamy! <3

Mondate with baby at Razon's of Guagua in Mall of Asia.

Ate Kristine's birthday treat in our office and a photo of all the girls in the office. Belated happy birthday ate Tin!

Our Tuesday dinner. #fastfoodjunkie

My new watch is a doodle watch! So cute!

The biggest pizza I've ever seen! It's a birthday treat of sir Greg for all of us in the office. It's raining treats in the office this week! 

My messy sock bun last Thursday.

Chocolates from Ate Len. Thanks ate!

My new purses. Violet as usual because it is my favorite color. They are abaca and a jelly purse!



Love your new violet purse so so much!! *.*


Maddie.Elizabeth said...

Lovely post, your hairs look gorgeous in that bun xx

katya said...

wonderful big pizza!